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Pass Me Not o Gentle Savior (Hymn)
  Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior  Text: Fanny J. Crosby, 1868Tune: William H. Doane, 187085 85 RefrainPASS ME NOT  This hymn is in the public domain. You may freely use this score for personal and congregational worship. If you reproduce the score, please credit as the source. bbbb 2. Let1. Pass3. Trus4. Thoumemetingthe-not,atonspringOthylyof -genthroneinalltleof thymy-Samer mecomvior,cyrit,fort,----hear findwouldmoremyaIthanhumsweetseek life blerethyto-cry;lief,face;me,- ?bbbb bbbb whilekneelhealwhomoningmyhave-otherewounIthersinded,on--thoudeep broearthartconken be-caltrispiside--ling,tion;rit,thee?---dohelpsaveWhomnotmymein passun byheavenme bethy but- by.lief.grace.thee?- ?bbbb bbbb Sa  Refrain vior,-Savior,-hearmyhumble-cry; ?bbbb bbbb whileonothers-thouartcalling,-donotpassmeby. ?bbbbœ   œjœ   œœ   œ˙˙œ   œjœœwœœ   œœ   œœœ   œ˙˙˙˙œœ   œœœœwœ   œjœ   œœ   œ˙˙œ   œjœœwœœ   œœ   œœœ   œ˙˙˙˙œœ   œœœw˙˙œ   ˙œj˙œœœœw˙˙˙˙˙œœœœœœœwœ   œjœ   œœ   œ˙˙œ   œjœœwœœ   œœ   œœœ   œ˙˙˙˙œœ   œœœw
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