Physics Heavens 7

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  02/23/2016   Cathode rays flowing   Electron flow still present even when gas is gone   Thompson ã Discovered rays that were negative in charge ã Experiment with shadows and pictres of rays ã  !weighs the electron   ã cathode ray movie ã vacm t#e ã #ro$e atom apart o proves that atoms are not indivisi#le   marie crie ã what is inside pitch #lend ã polonim radim ã 1 mil times more than ranim o can #oil 1 liter of water in % hor ã radioactive #y&prodcts case cancer ã crie died of le$emiartherfod identified three types of rays from radim ã alpha particles ã scattered #ecase of the ncles   why is there life   why is the s$y #le' ã (ave to go throgh a thic$ peace of atmosphere) ã *itrogen scatters it +a#sor#s, ã 
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