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Christina Lee, Priscilla Jun, Rebecca Zhang, and Sakhi Shah Piranha Tank Hosley 5th period Bibliography http://nationalautismassociation.org/resources/autism-fact-sheet/ Autism Fact Sheet. National Autism Association RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Feb. 2017 http://www.ash
  Christina Lee, Priscilla Jun, Rebecca Zhang, and Sakhi ShahPiranha TankHosley 5 th  period Bibliography http://nationalautismassociation.org/resources/autism-fact-sheet/  Autism Fact Sheet.  National Autism Association RSS  . N.p., n.d. eb. ! Feb. !#$%http://&&&.asha.org/'('Specific)opic.asp*+folderid#0sectionSigns1and1Symptoms Autism Spectrum 2isorder: Signs and Symptoms. Spectrum Disorder: Signs and Symptoms . AS3A, n.d. eb. ! Feb. !#$%.https://&&&.cdc.go4/ncbddd/autism/facts.html  Facts About AS2. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention . 5enters for 2isease 5ontrol and 're4ention, ! 6ar. !#$7. eb. ! Feb. !#$%. http://&&&.mychild&ithoutlimits.org/understand/autism/&hat-causes-autism/  hat 5auses Autism+  My Child Without Limits RSS  . N.p., n.d. eb. !% Feb. !#$%https://&&&.autismspea8s.org/&hat-autism hat 9s Autism+  Autism Speas . N.p., # 6ay !#$!. eb. ! Feb. !#$%.http://&&&.amenclinics.com/brain-health/&hat-is-autism-&hat-does-it-affect/+8mas$08mcaAmen-S-Atlanta08magAmen-S-A);Autism;5ure08m8&autism<!#cures08mmtp08mc$c0utm1source=oogle0utm1medium5'50utm1termautism<!#cures0utm1content$t$0utm1campaignAmen-S-Atlanta0gclid5>#?@iAuCFB(2ir9=npD@- NEB@iAG#?=ipe@aN=@?>=a5=1%E228*(Bl493yg-i2DptBaAsN'3A  hat 9s Autism+ hat 2oes 9t Affect+  Amen Clinics . N.p., n.d. eb. ! Feb. !#$%.  Christina Lee, Priscilla Jun, Rebecca Zhang, and Sakhi ShahPiranha TankHosley 5 th  period http://&&&.&ashingtonautismad4ocacy.org/updates/&hat-is-autism/+gclid5>&?@AiAlD2FB(5?ncm7%ihi3&SABtoN9gmF>8$NioN-@t(4u'H#3p9yAa*-EpitAnIibSfho5s-)&1&cBJ hat 9s Autism+ Washington Autism Alliance and Advocacy . N.p., n.d. eb. ! Feb. !#$%.http://&&&.easterseals.com/e*plore-resources/li4ing-&ith-autism/autism-signs-and-symptoms.html Symptoms and Signs of Autism.  !asterseals . N.p., n.d. eb. ! Feb. !#$%.https://&&&.nichd.nih.go4/health/topics/autism/conditioninfo/'ages/symptoms.asp*  National nstitutes of #ealth . K.S. 2epartment of 3ealth and 3uman Ser4ices, n.d. eb. ! Feb. !#$%.https://&&&.4ery&ell.com/&hat-is-stimming-in-autism-!7##Eisa o (udy - (e4ie&ed by a Board-certified 'hysician. 2oes Iour Autistic 5hild (oc8, Flap, or 'ace+ Find Lut hyM $ery%ell  . N.p., n.d. eb. ! Feb. !#$%.
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