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  Planning double page spread  Headline- Title of the article andtells you what theStory is aboutStandrst-Second thing used to drag attention to the articleByline- Author of the article missingDropcap- Shows start of the articleCrosshead is missing- This is used to separate the article Picture credit missing- Credits the ain image- a!ority of the time a DPS will ha e one main image Picture caption-e#plains the picture Pull $uote is missing as it follows the $uestion%answer structure  Biography ã & will use this biography in order to complete my double page spread' & need to decide whether & will be writing a ()A article or a free *owing article' A free *owing article is descripti e+ it gi es the audience a feel of the emotions of the  !ournalist' A ()A follows the structure of a $uestion and answer with a short introduction'  Analysis of free *owing article ã Since graduating from Hogwarts+ the decidedly unstarry Daniel ,adclie has played de ils+ confused poets and+ now+ .ran/enstein0s hunchbac/ed side/ic/' 1lly ,ichards meets Britain0s oddest lm star' ã .ame teaches you many things2 how to outrun papara33i+ how to respond to mobs of fans+ how to endure a brea/fast T4 inter iew without screaming' &t does not+ apparently+ prepare you for the comple#ities of ma/ing coee' Bouncing into a huge wood-panelled conference room abo e the photography studio where he0s !ust been shot for 560s co er+ Daniel ,adclie is presented with a cup and reaches for the sweeteners' 7How many of these are you supposed to use89 he as/s+ merrily clic/ing little white pellets into his drin/' 6ach of those is one sugar+ we tell him' :ou0 e !ust gi en yourself se en sugars' 71h+ right+9 he laughs' 7;ell+ we0ll lea e that then'9 ã  :ou half-e#pect Daniel ,adclie to ha e an entourage of people to dispense his sweeteners for him' He is stupidly famous' Playing Harry Potter+ he led one of the biggest lm series in history to ta/e o er <=billion at the world bo# o>ce' He is worth+ according to the Sunday Times ,ich ?ist+ around <@million' He should be swaggering around in furs+ eating swans and doing drugs o anti$ue mirrors' But ,adclie0s the antithesis of all that' He is not li/e other mo ie stars' ;e don0t mean that in the usual clichd way+ as when a celebrity prole declares its sub!ect 7down to earth9 because they ate carbohydrates and weren0t paraded in on a throne' Daniel ,adclie is odd' ood odd' He is Britain0s weirdest lm star and we lo e him for it' ã Dean Chal/ley%56 ã Consider the e idence2 Since Potter ended+ his roles ha e included a haunted lawyer The ;oman &n Blac/E+ a man turning into a de il HornsE+ a singing corporate climber How To Succeed &n Business ;ithout ,eally Trying+ on stageE+ a se#ually confused beat poet Fill :our DarlingsE and a doctor who has imaginary con ersations with his older self The :oung Doctor0s 5oteboo/E' Then there0s his latest role in 4ictor .ran/enstein+ his rst studio mo ie since Potter' He plays &gor+ the otherworldly+ hunchbac/ed assistant in an imagined srcin story that details the peculiar early e#periments of young .ran/enstein played by Games cA oyE'  These are the career choices of a burgeoning indie actor+ not a man so famous he has his own ?ego range and has been parodied on The Simpsons' ã 75o+ & don0t really ha e mainstream tastes+9 he says' 7People do as/ me+ ;hy do you choose such weird mo ies80 but & don0t thin/ they0re weird+ they0re !ust stories &0m interested in' &sn0t ha ing weird tastes good+ though8 & thin/ so' & thin/ that0s better than always wanting to play the handsome hero' :ou thin/ &0m weird8 &0ll ta/e that'9 ã ,adclie is handsome but in $uite a normal way I he has what your mum might call 7a nice face9 I which means he0s not ob ious leading man material+ and at around =0=9+ he0s a bit small to be an action star though that ne er stopped Tom CruiseE' Today+ dressed all in blac/ and with his hair sharply cropped as a sou enir from a recently completed role in &mperium+ playing an .B& agent posing as a neo-5a3i+ he should loo/ intimidating' :et he0s so eusi ely cheerful that he !ust loo/sJ tidy' He0s K@ now+ but clean-sha en+ he could pass for much younger' He0s got a character actor0s face+ which means he can do those strange lead roles your more traditional leading man couldn0t' ã 7& had a huge amount to pro e Lafter PotterM+9 continues ,adclie' 7Pro ing that you can be a young actor and not be a complete fuc/ing disaster when you grow up' That is the I $uite unfair & thin/ I image that people ha e of young actors' There are a huge number of child actors who grow up ne' Always with my career in lm+ & saw Potter as an ama3ing beginning to it' &0m sure &0ll ne er hit that /ind of commercial pea/ again but ery+ ery few people will'9
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