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  2017. 3. 2. Gmail - EMERGENCY - COMPLEX SITUATION - ONGOINGhttps://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?ui=2&ik=dc6f7ebd7c&view=pt&q=police&qs=true&search=query&msg=15a55f949c0d5a77&siml=15a55f949c0d5a77 1/4 Pii Tii <kakabelo3@gmail.com> EMERGENCY - COMPLEX SITUATION - ONGOING Pii Tii <kakabelo3@gmail.com> Sun, Feb 19, 2017 at 7:44 PMTo: police@minneapolismn.gov, policeinfo@ci.stpaul.mn.us, eaganpd@cityofeagan.com Hello, my name is Peter Politis. 27 years old, from Eagan, MN. College: New York University / St. Olaf CollegeOccupation: House painter / Muralist ********PLEASE CHECK MY FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ppolitis **************************************************Since around last October I have been requesting money from the parents: a loan for paying rent,anything. I have been put up in hotel rooms- every day spent sitting around, pacing, screaming tomyself, like in prison. Prior to this I had lived homeless in my car and in a tent in the forests aroundthe Twin Cities for over a year, since 2015 . I saved up and left the country during the winter of 2015, after my car was impounded and living in the forest became impossible. I found an inexpensive place to work onartwork in Seoul, Korea, though my friends there remained distant and offput by my troubles in America; later I headed to Tokyo to pick up old translation projects and work on a farm. http://walpoli.tumblr.com/https://www.saatchiart.com/account/artworks/876411I ran out of money and began to have health problems in mid 2016; this is when I contacted an aunt of mine,she insisted I return to the States. My license had been revoked for insurance violations, so I decidedto drive to Oregon to give the car to a friend in need there, intending to find a place in Portland andstart working again with the $1500 my aunt had loaned me; unfortunately, I was approached by anofficer while sleeping in my vehicle and sent to jail for the license violation.  This was the secondtime that year I called my aunt; she came to pick me up after two weeks. My car was auctioned off witharound $2500 of my possessions, everything I had. I was set up in a hotel in St. Paul in October, 2016.  Supposedly I would be moved to an apartment andwith the help of a social worker start to get into a regular routine again. It was more a bother than anythingelse; the only thing stopping me before was lack of money. Progress was slow, we never went to anyappointments for Social Security, and being so close to my parents was beginning to have a very negativeeffect on my mental health, I would basically have to scream myself to sleep. Absolutely 0 control over mylife, I would sleep in the forest near the river some nights because the staff at the hotel had grownfond of harassing m e. Someone threw some shit at me while I was sleeping there; I was fucked up off myfamily- they weren't listening worth shit. I   repeatedly appealed for a simple loan from my parents andthey refused every time, deferring to my mental condition . Eventually I tried to convince my family and social worker that a cabin or somewhere remote in nature wouldbe a more fitting and affordable option; I showed them ads and internet listings, places away from the citywhere I could work, vent my anger without bothering people. They maintained that an apartment was best.  Again, 0 control, but it was free and I didn't want to live on the streets again. I sold some possessions of mine and left the country again, to Korea. The parents had set aside6000 dollars for an apartment, and my goal was to negotiate that the money be used more wisely,some other type of accommodation. I was stressed from homelessness, car-living, jail andclaustrophobic waiting in a hotel room . Maybe just flying to Nepal to meet up with some old friends andhike for a while to cool off would be a better decision. Again, my parents refused me everything, and insistedthat I return home immediately.  2017. 3. 2. Gmail - EMERGENCY - COMPLEX SITUATION - ONGOINGhttps://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?ui=2&ik=dc6f7ebd7c&view=pt&q=police&qs=true&search=query&msg=15a55f949c0d5a77&siml=15a55f949c0d5a77 2/4 Eventually my money ran out and I began to receive daily payments of 30-50 dollars on my Visacard from my father to pay for the hotel room in Seoul; this is the current situation. I am suicidal,trapped, without any options besides returning home. I have begged them for money every day,threatening them with guns and other bullshit, it's more or less me venting at them trying to conveyhow desperate this situation is for me. Absolutely no response. I've uploaded to facebook videos of me begging for help, screaming;additionally there's the entirety of the email correspondence between my parents, my socialworker, a number of acquaintances and myself. None of my friends want anything to do with me or this situation. I have remained broke for two months here, I feel like killing myself constantly andmy family watches and says nothing...********PLEASE CHECK MY FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ppolitis ************************************************** There is some background to this story, and some reason behind me not wanting anything to do with thehospital, having already been through the mental health system once years ago. In 2014 I was involved in a neighborhood dispute in Skid Row, Los Angeles that lasted maybe threemonths.  I was living/working painting murals in a warehouse there, and the punk collective next to me beganto get territorial and try to push me out, constantly yelling through the walls, setting up cameras, threateningwith weapons, etc. It was nasty, the families in the area were eventually involved and it's a roughneighborhood so...yeah, was ugly.I left for home in MN after finishing some work in a pretty livid mental state, not even staying the full rent. Iwas broke and somewhat apprehensive of my family situation, however; in the months prior to my return theyhad been acting extremely distant.The actuality was something completely unreal, though, and after fighting in the ghetto for so long I was in nocondition to deal with it. None of my friends believe the story; I can find no help... My dad had begun an incestuous relationship with his sister, and the situation had continued todevolve into paying for prostitutes and even homosexuality. My mother bought sex as well, and myparents would fight constantly about this shit. Taunting each other, pretty much using me and mysister as tokens in their dispute. It was insane, the rest of the family had been affected as well, withmy uncle and grandpa begging me for help. I was without money and more or less shocked theentire time, just wanting to run.My grandpa has since died and this entire situation is treated as a hallucination by my parents;completely hidden now when dealing with me. The entire neighborhood in Eagan knows about it, so dothe tenants in my dad's buildings in Edina; the fact that they maintain none of it happened when dealing withtheir broke son who ran away into homelessness because of it is insane...I was broke and had to work for my dad though, upon returning from LA, and started some mural projects withcity grant funding that I hoped would fund my life away from the family situation; I was worried about mysister. Falls back on adderall a lot. It's like amnesia with her...I finished the murals while living in my car, completely stressed and avoiding my family to the utmost. M ydad refused to pay me right away, but I left the cities anyway, hoping to find a place in Chicago. The parents called the police when they realized I had left, flew to Chicago and burst into myfriends apartment with the CPD, it was insane, my mom was fake crying and laughing. I returned toMinnesota, not knowing what else to do about the situation. They eventually hid my car in an garage in Minneapolis and took away my passport.Completely panicked and with about only 300 dollars, I made my way to the MSP airport in hopesof getting a flight to the east coast to stay with some friends there. Absolutely exhausted at thispoint, I was approached by TSA, who detained me and sent me to the hospital, claiming Ipossessed no money or ID.  2017. 3. 2. Gmail - EMERGENCY - COMPLEX SITUATION - ONGOINGhttps://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?ui=2&ik=dc6f7ebd7c&view=pt&q=police&qs=true&search=query&msg=15a55f949c0d5a77&siml=15a55f949c0d5a77 3/4  Again, just trying to leave... The hospital was absolute shit and messed up my mind, the doctors got a court order to forceantipsychotic medication and civil commitmen t. I don't do drugs, and this stuff was bad, makes yousuicidal more or less permanently if you're not addicted to it. Makes boys grow breasts and causes braintumors; I have frequent seizures because of Risperdal and have uploaded videos of such to request help...Ireceived not much. I was released to a halfway house and immediately ran to Mongolia, more or less draining my bankaccount again to try and argue the cessation of the medication with Dakota County and thehospital. I was successful, and returned to the country.Part of the civil commitment mandated I live with my parents and not leave Minnesota, eventhough I had mural work in Los Angeles. Thus, I began living in my car, away from my family, notwanting to deal with them in any way. That is more or less the simplified version of events. ********PLEASE CHECK MY FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ppolitis ************************************************** My parents have no idea what they are doing, and the few family and friends that are willing to communicatewith me are unable to help financially. It is a problem because these issues with my family are themain detractors to my mental health,  even contacting my parents about money after everything that hashappened drives me insane, they insist on nothing but social workers, doctors, and potentially another roundat the hospital. Actually, they insist on nothing; I haven't heard from them for over a month despiteemailing them every day.  This leads to something extreme and poor on my end, suicide probably. I amscared and they could help, they choose not to.Consider my father's motives in this, based on the events I have described, elaborating too much would bedisgusting and there are definitely more things I could say..incest, prostitution, gay bars, it's just bad for everyone and kind of ruined the entire family, please keep that in mind. Interview the neighbors if you have to,tell them how I am doing..This is not a good thing to say, no son should ever have to say this about a father but the situation is sodangerous for me right now and so lazy and stoned for them that I don't think I have any other choice... My father mentioned to me once about being attracted to little girls . Looked me in the eye andsaid that. That is the point for a son where you want to trash him with a wrench, no? Not really aneasy situation to deal with if you're broke and living at home and the only money you have is from workpainting his buildings for the tenants, people you actually respect. ^^^That is information for the police, please remember that I am pleading for a loan more or lessthis entire time. If you feel it is important, please do. Consider that the person described is callingthe shots over his broke son locked up in motel rooms since October.Being put on antipsychotic medication and locked up while trying to deal with this situation wasvery damaging to my mental state; the nurses were not happy with what was going on and supported meagainst my family most of the time against the doctors...again, a mess. I do not smoke, I do not drink.Could I just get some money to go hiking with my friends in Nepal?6000 dollars to buy an old house in Japan, get back to work, and get out of my family's way after solong living in my car, in a tent?Even a response? It's been a month and a half and my mother has sent a single SMS reply only.I have contacted police online in a more or less informal setting (officer.com forums) and been told  2017. 3. 2. Gmail - EMERGENCY - COMPLEX SITUATION - ONGOINGhttps://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?ui=2&ik=dc6f7ebd7c&view=pt&q=police&qs=true&search=query&msg=15a55f949c0d5a77&siml=15a55f949c0d5a77 4/4 to dial 911, drink poison, etc...********PLEASE CHECK MY FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ppolitis **************************************************When reading the emails on my facebook keep in mind I've been homeless, so my mind goesviolent a lot, it's expressive anger more or less, offends everybody, yadda yadda yadda, is nottrying to be dishonest...compare with the videos and the fact my parents don't reply *at all* and maybe understand why thisis so desperate *****************************************************************I sent this letter to my parents already, my mother's response is posted on my facebook. I have 30 dollars tomy name.
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