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1 Josebe Dominguez EDU 299: Education Portfolio Semester: Spring Professor: Theresa Wyckof Praxis Core Exam Analysis At CSN I have been working to acquire the knowledge and skills I need for my teaching career, but before I take my studies to the next level by continuing my education at UNLV and earning my Bachelor’s Degree, I have to be able to demonstrate my abi
   Josebe DominguezEDU 299: Education PortfolioSemester: SpringProfessor: Theresa Wc!o   Praxis Core Exam Analysis #t $S% & ha'e been (or!ing to ac)uire the !no(ledge and s!ills & needfor m teaching career* but before & ta!e m studies to the ne+t le'el bcontinuing m education at U%,- and earning m .achelor/s Degree* &ha'e to be able to demonstrate m abilities b ta!ing the Pra+is $ore Tests0 These tests measure all aspiring teachers/ !no(ledge and s!ills0 The also help to ensure that educators are )uali1ed to teach0 The Pra+is$ore #cademic S!ills for Educators are Pra+is $ore ath* Pra+is $ore3eading* and Pra+is $ore Writing0 #ccording to the teachers prep(ebsite* in the state of %e'ada* the )ualifing scores are 456 for3eading* 462 for Writing* and 457 for athematics0  To ta!e the free tests for Pra+is $ore ath* Pra+is $ore 3eading* andPra+is $ore Writing* & 1rst na'igated on the Pra+is/s (ebsite and learnedall the s!ills that are going to be assessed in the actual tests0 Then* &tried to familiarized mself (ith the )uestions b practicing (ith sampletest )uestions* and ta!ing the free )uizzes also a'ailable on the (ebsite04  8inall* & (atched di erent 'ideos on ouTube in (hich some possible)uestions on the actual e+ams are e+plained0 &n Pra+is $ore ath* & scored 54* (hich means & need to ma!e someimpro'ement before & can pass the actual test0 When re'ie(ing the test*& realized & need to stud harder ;eometr and Statistics and Probabilitsections0 &n Pra+is $ore Writing* & scored <<* meaning & need to ma!e asubstantial impro'ement before & ta!e the actual test0 & did (ell in,anguage and 3esearch S!ills for Writing section* but & de1nitel need toma!e a substantial impro'ement in Te+t Tpes* Purposes and Productionsections0 8inall* & scored 2< in Pra+is $ore 3eading* (hich means &need to ma!e a substantial impro'ement before ta!ing the actual test0 &nthis test* & need to impro'e m s!ills in $raft* Structure* and ,anguageS!ills section0. ta!ing these free tests* & learned & am not read et to ta!e the actualtests0 .efore ta!ing the actual e+ams* & (ill (atch all the instructional'ideos a'ailable on ETS (ebsite* and (ill ta!e all the interacti'epractices tests0 Since & learned the big impro'ement & need to ma!ebefore ta!ing the tests* it is possible & (ill ta!e one on one tutoring0 & (illalso ta!e the Pra+is Prep $lasses because all the !es sub=ects aretaught0 8inall* & (ill de1nitel use Ed 3ead for ath because & li!e ho(it tells the students the modules the need to stud harder0 2
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