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Preset List
  The MountaintopPreset List Onstage Presets Door (closed?)Motel door signDoor lockWindow (Wall upstage of door)Curtains (closed)Twin Bed (SL)PillowSheet!lanketSuitcase w clothing insideTwin Bed (S )PillowSheet!lanket#nd Ta!le (!etween !eds) otar$ phone on hook w phone ta!le %shtra$Ta!ledesk %shtra$&ce !ucket('?) Plastic coffee cupsSer*on PapersPens Chair (+pstage of ta!ledesk, Pushed in?)Towel draped o-er !ackLa*p Ta!leLa*p (.//)Coatrack (TB%, Ma$ !e replaced !$ coat hooks on wall downstage of door)Trash Can (downstage of door) Offstage Presets Tra$Coffee *ug Saucer Coffee potSugar Crea*er 0apkinsSpoon1ersion2 3+pdated2 3'334  The MountaintopPreset List0ewspaper  Personal ML5WalletWith !ills inside, Two singles6andkerchief C%M%#Cigarette Pack'? cigarettes insideCigarette Pack7ippo Lighter /laskPopcorn Preshow Duties o C6#C5 all props o .BT%&0 coffee ther*os fro* De8ter9enn$, Lea-e on prop ta!le ? o #/&LL sugar and crea*er container with contents? o /&LL /lask with li:uid o C6#C5 that la*p is functioning o C.0/& M door lock is functioning and unlocked o 0ewspaper should !e da*p; not soaking wet ? o Secure phone ca!le to upstage side of end ta!le o P #S#T /lower  o P #S#T Snow o P #S#T (') cigarette packs; lighter; flask and popcorn in Ca*ae<s apron ? Post Show Duties o ST &5# all hand props fro* stage o CL#%0 all dishware? o #P. T all da*ages to furniture and props o #M&0D De8ter9enn$ a!out ther*os with coffee for ne8t da$?1ersion2 3+pdated2 3'334
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