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Production Risk Assessment Production Date(s) of production Venue Assessor Date of assessment Brief description of production Please identify the number of people in each group below: Adult performers (18 and over) Stage management & crew Young performers (16-18) Follow spot operator Child performers (under 16) FOH crew Pit musicians Other; Identifying Ha
  Production Risk AssessmentProductionDate(s) of productionVenueAssessorDate of assessmentBrief description of production Please identify the number of people in each group below:Adult performers (18 and over)Stage management & crewoung performers (1! 18)#ollow spot operator $hild performers (under 1!)#% crewPit musicians Other;  Identifying Hazardous Tasks, items and ituations Please identify the ha'ards associated with the performanceactivity below Task, Item or Hazardous situationApp!ies to s o#$ (  please mark X) Risk Assessmentref% &o% Smoe effects*A+1 ,aed flames candles*A+-Pyrotechnics*A+.Practical firearms*A+/Performance lighting*A+0emporary dimmers amp racs*A+!2nevenSlippery floors*A+3*aed or sloping floor area*A+8*aised floor areas lower than 1 foot*A+4*aised floor areas higher than 1 foot*A+152se of ladders & access e6uipment*A+117or in the grid or catwals*A+1-%rchestra pit areas*A+1.%rchestra pit open*A+1/Personnel flying*A+10SetProp flying*A+1!a'ardous manual handling*A+13$onfined spaces*A+18oving trucsfloors*A+14echanical or powered scenery*A+-5echanical or powered props*A+-1Strobe lighting*A+--Practical food and drin*A+-. Other: *A+-/ Other: *A+-0 Other: *A+-! Risk Assessment Ref% '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''   Description of actiityitemPersons at risk Risk A 9 evel of ris prior to any action taen Risk B* evel of ris after control measures put in place HazardRisk A+ontro! et odRisk B Print:
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