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  XLRI/Jamshedpur RK Premarajan OB II PROJECT: ANALYZING TEORGANIZATION! O je#$%&e:  To give you insight into the way real-world organization work by analyzingan organization that you choose against the relevant principles of Organizational Theory. 'e$h(d()(*+:  You will work in groups of six. Your instructor will give you a set of questions related to Organization Theory for which you must collect and analyzeinformation about an organization that you have selected ased on the questions you will prepare a report and submit to the instructor within thespecified deadline. !uppose you select nfosys. You will collect the information specified in the questions# present and summarize your findings on nfosys# and then produce a final report. y theend of term# by completing the different modules# you will have a clear picture about howorganizations operate and how they deal with problems and contingencies they face. The secondary sources of information are national and international business periodicalslike usiness ndia# usiness Today# usiness $orld# %ortune# usiness $eek# and%orbes& %inancial 'ailies# news magazines like Time and (ewsweek& and on-lineinformation service including websites on the nternet. n addition# you should write to)your* company and ask for a copy of its current annual report +you might find previousannual reports in libraries or on the nternet,# and you should check industry and trade publication.  adapated from /ones# 01  You will be surprised at how much companies will tell you if you ask the  r%*h$  questions.$hatever selection approach you use# be sure that you have access to enough interestinginformation to complete the ma2ority of the organizational design modules. The issue isto make sure that you can gain access to enough information to write an interestingreport. E&a)ua$%(n:  The 0roup 3ro2ect carries 456 weight. The following parameters wouldform part of the evaluation7 8uality of the information obtained in terms of relevance andinsight& your ability to assimilate that information and to present it adequately reflectinginsights you have developed in the process& and 3erformance in the pro2ect viva-vocewhich may be conducted randomly at the end of the term.  ANALYZING TE ORGANIZATION: ,-E.TION. A..IGN'ENT:  This set of questions attempts to get the relevant information on your organization from the Organizational Theory perspective. 4.$hat is the name of the Organization9 $hat goods and:or services does it produce:provide9 'escribe the company;s organizational mission. 'escribe theway it has grown and developed.<.'raw an organizational chart of the top management in your organization. $ritedown the names of the top managers and the positions they occupy. $hat is thespan of control of the =>O9 'o you have any comments on its appropriateness9?ow many levels are there in the organization;s hierarchy9 'oes the organizationexperience any of the problems associated with tall hierarchies9 $hich ones9 @.?ow many employees does the organization employ9 Any details about thevarious categories of employees9B.?ow differentiated is your organization9 s it simple or complex9 Cist the ma2or roles# functions# or departments in your organization. 'oes your organizationhave many divisions9 f your organization engages in many businesses# list thema2or divisions in the company.5.?ow do the organization;s managers 2udge its effectiveness9 -external resourceapproach9 nternal process9 Technical9 Or how well is the organization doingwhen 2udged by the criteria of control# innovation# and efficiency9 s there a balanced scorecard measure9 DO9 $hat goals# standards# or targets are theyusing to evaluate performance9 E.?ow has your organization responded to the design challenges9 +a, s itcentralized or decentralized9 ?ow do you know9 +b, $hat about complexity9=an you identify any integrating mechanisms used by your organization9 $hat isthe match between the complexity of differentiation and the complexity of theintegrating mechanisms that are used9 +c, s behavior in the organization verystandardized# or does mutual ad2ustment play an important role in coordinating people and activities9 $hat can you tell about the level of formalization bylooking at the number and kinds of rules the organization use9F.'oes your analysis lead you to think that your organization conforms more to theorganic or to the mechanistic model of organizational structure9 $hy9  G.$hat type of structure +for example# functional# product division# multidivisional#matrix, does your organization have9 'raw a diagram showing is structure# andidentify the ma2or subunits or divisions in the organization. $hy does thecompany use this kind of structure9 3rovide a brief account of the advantages anddisadvantages associated with this structure for your organization. =an yousuggest a more appropriate structure that your company might adopt9H.Analyze the effect of the forces on complexity# and dynamism of the environment.%rom this analysis# how would you characterize the level of uncertainty in your organization;s environment9 4I.?ow has your organization designed its structure to match the environment inwhich it operates9 %or example# how do its degree of differentiation and its use of integrating mechanisms reflect the uncertainty of its environment944.'raw a chart of the main inter-organizational linkage mechanisms +for example#long-term contracts# strategic alliances# mergers, that your organization uses tomanage its symbiotic resource interdependencies. 4<.'o you think the organization has selected the most appropriate linkagemechanisms9 $hy or why not9
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