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Ivette Rodriguez 81 Wood Rd New Britain, CT 06053 October 7, 2016 Amy Boutilier Sport and Medical Sciences Academy 280 Huyshope Avenue Hartford, CT 06106 Dear Mrs. Boutilier: For my capstone project I plan on raising awareness for hemophilia. I have a blood disorder called Von Willebrand and I have Type one. It is a condition where my blood doesn’t clot as it should. I have struggled with my blood disorder since the age of nine and I’d like people to know that this disorder can be something
  Ivette Rodriguez81 Wood Rd New Britain, CT 06053October , !016 #$ Bouti%ier &'ort and (edica% &cience) cade#$!80 *u$)+o'e venue*artord, CT 06106-ear (r). Bouti%ier/or #$ ca')tone 'roect I '%an on rai)ing awarene)) or +e#o'+i%ia. I +ave a b%ood di)order ca%%ed 2on Wi%%ebrand and I +ave T$'e one. It i) a condition w+ere #$ b%ood doe)nt c%ot a) it )+ou%d. I +ave )trugg%ed wit+ #$ b%ood di)order )ince t+e age o nine and Id %i4e 'eo'%e to 4nowt+at t+i) di)order can be )o#et+ing ver$ )eriou). W+en I #ention I +ave a b%ood di)order no one i) rea%%$ uite )ure b$ w+at I #ean o t+at and I t+in4 it%% be i#'ortant or #e to inor# ot+er) about it. I a# going to rai)e #one$ or t+e Connecticut *e#o'+i%ia &ociet$ t+at )u''ort) +e#o'+i%ia +ere in Connecticut, 're)ent a oweroint in (r. 7abo#bard, (r). -e#u)z and (r).Radd) c%a))e). I '%an on rai)ing #one$ b$ )e%%ing brace%et) to #$ a#i%$ and riend), i I get a''rova% I wi%% be decorating a bu%%etin board in t+e #ain +a%%wa$ or B%ood di)order awarene)) #ont+, +aving )ta 'artici'ate in Red tie da$ and a ba4e )e%%. I +ave a%)o )'o4en wit+ (r). Car%)on w+o i) in c+arge o t+e Nationa% *onor )ociet$) b%ood drive t+at i) +e%d +ere at &(& ever$ $ear and I wi%% be 'artici'ating in t+i) event. ($ re)earc+ ue)tion to #$ ca')tone 'roect i) what has been the impact of genetic testing on the rate of genetic disorders? (an$ 'eo'%e t+at I 4now oten ue)tion #e about #$ di)order and ee% %i4e it )o#et+ing t+e$ )+ou%d 4now i wor)e were too +a''en. *ow to +e%' )o#eone w+en t+ing) go wrong and 4nowing eact%$ w+at to do. W+at t+ing) ea)i%$ can +urt one w+o +a) +e#o'+i%ia %i4e +ow brui)ing i) ea)$, b%ood wi%% %ow +eavi%$ w+en cute, +ow to a''%$ 're))ure and to ca%% 911 i ver$ )eriou). T+i) can +e%' t+o)e w+o +ave t+e di)order to ee% )ae and )ecure w+en t+ing) go wrong. ($ %earning )tretc+ wi%% be to %earn and to teac+ )tudent) %i4e #e #ore about +e#o'+i%ia di)order), I wi%% be inor#ing #ore 'eo'%e about t+e di)order, and I wi%% be rai)ing #one$ or t+ecau)e, and u)t )'reading awarene)) in genera%. ($ #entor) na#e i) -iana (onta%vo, )+e i) a #edica% a))i)tant w+o wor4) or &tar%ing '+$)ician) or -r. 7awrence are%e). :ou can contact +er at +er ce%% ;860<99=9356 and +er e#ai% -iana.#onta%vo51>$$, Ivette Rodriguez
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