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  PUMPS, COMPRESSORSAND CONVEYORS  AND CONVEYORS   PUMPS, COMPRESSORS   FLUORSPAR SILO TO BALL MILL Type:  Screw Conveyor Design Requirements:   Conveyor Speed ã Motor horsepowerMaterial Specification   Type of MaterialMetallurgical-Grade FloursparMass Flowrate ( g ¿ 529! #article Si$e  9%ensity ( 3 ¿ &'9)olu*etric flowrate of fluorspar+ q f  = mass flowratedensity  = 529.80  ghr 1794  kg 3 = 0.2953  m 3 hr  1  AND CONVEYORS   PUMPS, COMPRESSORS   Fro* C,MC the *aterial code of fluorspar is & . %ensity% . /u*py0 . 1verage flowaility3 . Moderate arasive %eter*ining capacity conveyor si$e and speed  N  =  EquivalentCapacity ft hr 1 rpmcapacity ft  3 hr 4ote+ 1 standard pitch screw conveyor will e used     2  AND CONVEYORS   PUMPS, COMPRESSORS    Requiredcapacity = 0.2953 mhr × ft  0.3048 m  3 = 10.428  ft hr u va en ca ac  =  .  ×  .  ×  .  ×  .  Equivalentcapacity = 11.262  ft  eferring to the Capacity tale % for 56 loading a 3-inch screw at *a7i*u* rp* will have *ore thanthe e8uivalent capacity and will also have a capacity of 22 cuic feet per hour at #M     3
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