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Conversations among Radia and her team members about Shobhaa De and her MO
  00:44.263 Radia: Huh... 00:45.591 Shrini:...Nitabhabhi wanted a conference call. 00:47.493 Radia: I had a word with Manoj. He briefly got through to me yesterday. 00:50.675 Srini: Ok. 00:51.491 Radia: You see, I have a, I, I have a view which is, did we when we agreed with Shobaa De...I mean I don't know because we didn't - 00:58.509 Shrini: No, we didn't agree with Shobhaa De. I'll explain to you. 01:00.632 Radia: Uh huh! 01:01.993 Shrini: See, uh...what had happened was aa the lady who is the editor, Ruchika Malhotra... 01:08.893 Radia: Hm mm 01:10.388 Shrini: Ok... she had become a mother and she had a two month old aa son... 01:14.732 Radia: Hmm. 01:16.012 Shrini: So because of that she was operating out of Delhi. 01:18.102 Radia: Hmm. 01:19.250 Shrini: Normally she would do those interviews but this time when she had asked Shobhaa De to do it. 01:23.212 Radia: Hmmm. 01:25.169 Shrini: Ok? And aa Shobhaa De thought it was her material and she had put it up on her blog... 01:30.733 Radia: Hm. 01:31.475 Shrini: ...the unedited version 01:33.833 Radia: Hmmm... 01:35.336  Shrini: Ok? Aaa...between the two of us we had aaa got an edited version to be posted in aa 'Society', in aa, 'Hello!'... 01:42.664 Radia: 'Hello!', ya, ya ya... 51. Radia Tapes: Radia, Srini124/577  01:44.430 Shrini: Ok. Aa.. but the unedited one went on the blog, which we knew that had gone on the blog, because I had pointed out immediately saying the unedited version she had put it up on her blog, and her blog I can't do anything... 01:54.943 Radia: Shobhaa? 01:56.509 Shrini: Haan. 01:57.342 Radia: No, the point I'm making is that your agreement was with Hello! Magazine and not with Shobhaa De... 02:01.875 Shrini: No, it wasn't with Shobhaa De. 02:03.779 Radia: Right? And therefore Hello! Magazine is responsible that the any interview that is done 02:09.817  Shrini: Hm. 02:10.333 Radia: Based...is remains with Hello! and doesn't get put out anywhere else? It is not Shobhaa De's propriety, no? 02:10.919 Shrini: Hmmif . 02:18.294 Radia: Am I right? I mean, the agreement, if I was to look at today, whenever you do anything, if the agreement is between you and Hello! magazine, who they nominate to do that interview is entirely up to them. 02:27.781 Shrini: Correct. Huh. 02:28.526  Radia: And therefore the onus falls on Hello! magazine. 02:31.764 Shrini: Hm. 02:32.921 Radia: And it was for Hello! magazine to make sure that she has to take the blog off. 02:37.945 Shrini: Hmm. 02:39.242 Radia: That's the first thing. The second this is... 02:40.733 Shrini: See, see, then we should have actually taken this stance when Shobhaa De put it out on her blog saying it's not your personal propriety your asked for, it's Hello! magazine. 02:49.757  Radia: How long ago was it...? 02:51.244 Shrini: Two months ago. 02:53.529 Radia: Shrini, it's the first time I'm hearing it went up on the blog... 51. Radia Tapes: Radia, Srini125/577  02:56.680 Shrini: No, no Manoj is aware two months ago it went on the blog. Immediately after it went on the blog... 03:01.934 Radia: Huh.. 03:03.789 Shrini: Nitabhabhi had told all of us, why don't you guys meet up with Society, because Society is one place where i'm aa very aa concerned that they would do something nasty. 03:11.667  Radia: Huh... 03:12.835 Shrini:Ok? And she's upset cause apparently the meeting was scheduled with Society.... 03:17.449 Radia: Hmm... 03:20.382 Shrini: And aa then aa the person was invited, to the.. to our new formed office and they didn't meet. 03:25.853 Radia: Hmm... 03:27.220 Shrini: So she says, that would have cheezed them off that that's why they did aa nasty one pager. 03:31.986  Radia: No, why didn't we meet, any idea? 03:35.095 Shrini: No, idea, seriously no idea. I mean I wasn't even aware that we didn't meet (Radia clearing throat) until yesterday. That is what aa she is... what she is very upset about. 03:43.938 Radia: Hm. And what has come in Society, please tell me, what exactly has come. Its the entire article? 03:48.985 Shrini: No, I haven't seen. No see, what they've done is uncredited... uncut, edited version apparently, they said aa, why is this aa been aa, why has this been aa edited, (voices in the background) why has this been edited? So, those kind of things is what they've put. Let me get a copy of Society, yesterday I tried in the news stand next to my house, I didn't get it. 04:10.296  Radia: Hm. 04:12.009 Shrini: I'll try and get it from here. 04:13.796  Radia: Ok. Now there are two things as far as Society's concerned, which is what I told Manoj Warrier, yesterday, was very briefly when I got through to him, was, Society, you know, that Tina Ambani and Nari Hira have a different relationship and there is a financial relationship in place. 04:27.092 Shrini: Hm. 51. Radia Tapes: Radia, Srini126/577
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