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   Name ________________________________________________Date ___________________  Reading Passage Questions If everyone thought the same, if everyone’sform was alike, if everyone had no distinctions,then life would not be the same. Our thoughtsand ideas differ, as we think in different levels, but even our ideas have similarities. Thefoundations of our ideas are connected throughthe various uses of language. The anecdotes asused by eorge !hitman and onathan#dwards, two writers of the eighteenth century,differ abundantly in theme and e$%lanation, butyet their anecdotes have similarities in regardto tone, imagery, diction, %oetic devices, andtheir reflections on human nature. &owever, theanecdotes that are used by the two authors alsoat times are in shar% contrast to each other.'oth #dwards’s and !hitman’s anecdotes can be analy(ed in the areas of tone, diction andsynta$.)necdotes can be analy(ed, as they aree$%ressive of a mood or emotion. Tone is thestyle or manner of e$%ression in writing thatgives the %assage a general character, *uality,trend or frame of mind. In other words, thetone, itself, sets u% a mood within the %assage.#dwards centers himself on the main to%ic of damnation. The tone he uses is one of rage, %ityand demand, which makes the reader feeldowncast and unworthy of one’s self.!hitman’s tone is of ho%e. It channels throughdiscovery, e$%loration and o%%ortunity. Theidea that salvation is reachable is e$%ressed inhis tone. )s in the following+ )nd you O mysoul where you stand, surrounded, detached, inmeasureless oceans of s%ace, ceaselesslymusing, venturing, throwing, seeking thes%heres to connect them, till the bridge youneed be formed, till the ductile anchor hold, tillthe gossamer thread you fling catchsomewhere, O my soul. onathan, however, %reaches on nothing other than damnation. &ecan not relate to the idea that life hassignificance. &e looks u%on you as worthy of nothing else but to be cast into the fire.!hitman, on the other hand, discusses howeven a s%ider e$%lores his surroundings.-.!hich of the following statements would the author NOT agree witha.#dwards uses a tone which alerts the reader to a character/s evil and damned dis%osition. b.!hitman %ortrays most of his literary characters are heroes or stereoty%ical adventurers who continually strive to discover themselves and their world.c.Diction regards correctness, clearness and effectiveness.d.)ccording to onathan, life has significance and is enhanced by means of intros%ection.e.!hitman believes that salvation is reachable.0!hitman is *uoted as writing the following fragment+ ...seeking the s%heres to connect them... &ow does this %hrase relate to !hitman/s ideology on salvationa.It is a direct use of diction to hel% relay !hitman/s ideology. b.The use of the meta%hor reiterates the notion that life is an endless search and that the one/s goal is to find a %ath of  %ur%ose within the sco%e of everyday life.c.The literary techni*ue is an e$am%le of using monosyllables to arrive at the desired effect.d.It conveys a trend of mind which hel%s to elucidate !hitman/s belief that all of mankind is damned.e.It is an e$am%le of an anecdote which hel%s to solidify !hitman/s belief that diction is an im%ortant literary techni*ue.  Though the s%ider’s surroundings may seemminiature to the human eye, to a s%ider they arevast and full of new activity. In this im%ression,!hitman illustrates the soul as a traveler and asan adventurer, who is given a mind to muse ande$%lore in an attem%t to reach some %oint inlife when he, too, will be able to connect andawaken, reali(e and share with another what hehas uncovered.Diction regards correctness, clearness andeffectiveness. #dwards %resents his ideas in anabstract manner, by com%aring man to a s%ider.!hitman uses abstract language, as well, inwhich he s%eaks of a s%ider and the universalsoul. 'oth are connected, as the s%ider has asoul. #dwards uses monosyllables, while!hitman uses %olysyllables. 'oth #dwards and!hitman use connotations to signifyinteresting connections from one unrelatedconce%t to another. #dwards s%eaks of a odthat holds one over a %it of hell. &e com%aresthis to a man holding an insect, such as as%ider, over fire.1.The relationshi% between the first and second  %aragra%hs can be described as which of the followinga.The first %aragra%h introduces how various elements of language can be leveraged to de%ict emotional states andthe second %aragra%h discusses how twoauthors utili(e anecdotes differently to hel% convey central %hiloso%hies. b.The first %aragra%h introduces two authors, and the second discusses how their use of diction is used to convey meaning.c.The first %aragra%h discusses how anecdotes can be uni*ue, and the second %aragra%h focuses on #dward/s fi$ation on damnation.d.The first %aragra%h gives a brief overview of a belief system2 the second  %aragra%h %rovides e$am%les of two authors/ use of anecdotes.e.Theme is discussed in the first  %aragra%h, and the second %aragra%h focuses on the use of monosyllabic diction.3.!hich of the following statements would the author not agree witha.)necdotes can be analy(ed to give insight about mood and emotion. b. onathan %ortrays his %hiloso%hies through the use of abstract com%arisons.c.#dwards focuses on the conce%t of starvation and ultimate self discovery.d.Diction is used to %ortray a sense of correctness, clearness, and effectiveness.e.eorge !hitman and onathan #dwardscleverly utili(e tone to hel% set the mood.T34056
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