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Reflection Assignment #1 What I Learned: I learned that as a teacher it is a good idea to get to know your fellow faculty members and students. Knowing the people you interact with everyday can help make your job a fun place to be. You can get advice from other teachers or make friendships with faculty members that will last a lifetime. I also learned about my classmates and their backgrounds. Reading about fellow aspiring teachers was so much fun. It’s a joy to meet people
  Refection Assignment #1What I Learned: I learned that as a teacher it is a good idea to get to know your ellow aculty members and students. nowing the !eo!le you interact with e eryday can hel! make your ob a un !lace to be. $ou can get ad ice rom other teachers or make riendshi!s with aculty members that will last a lietime. I also learned about my classmates and their backgrounds. Reading about ellow as!iring teachers was so much un.It%s a oy to meet !eo!le that share the same !assion or teaching that I do. & en though I ha e ne er !ersonally met my classmates I eel likeI know them. 'trengths and Weaknesses: I couldn%t (nd the weakness o this assignment. )y strengths !retty much e*!lain why. +he assignment wasn%t too di,cult. It was airly easy writing about mysel and why I want to become and educator. -a ing e eryone write about his or her !assion or teaching is this assignment%s biggest strength. It was really cool seeing e eryone%s reasons as to why they want to be a teacher. 'tudent Acti ity: I would ask my students to make a small !oster board with !ictures that describe who they are. +hey could also write acts about themsel es on the board. )y '!anish teacher had us do this when I was in si*th grade and the class really enoyed it. I enoyed learning about my classmates this way and ha ing isuals hel!ed to see e erything our ellow classmates liked.  Refection Assignment #What I learned: I learned what is in a traditional classroom design. +he student%s desks need to be neatly organi/ed so the classroom doesn%t look cluttered. +here needs to be com!uter stations0 trashcans0 and a whiteboard. I learned a lot about tools on Word that I ha e not used beore. +he sha!es tool was ery handy to hel! create trashcans and desks or the com!uter stations in my design. +he te*tbo* eature was hel!ul when I was labeling the items in my classroom. 'trengths and Weaknesses:  +he only weakness I ound with this assignment was that we had to label e erything in our classroom. I understand why we labeled some stu that wasn%t easily recogni/ed rom a bird%s eye iew. -owe er0 stu like the students% desks0 blackboard0 and my desk were items that I elt shouldn%t ha e been re2uired to be labeled. +he strengths greatly outweighed that one weakness. It was really un to design my uture classroom. I got to !icture what it would be like to be a teacher and ha e my classroom refect who I am. I can%t wait to ha e my own classroom one day. 'tudent Acti ity: 'ince I want to teach middle school '!anish I%m not sure how to ha e an acti ity like this tied in to a lesson. I could ha e my students look at my classroom and ask them to list the things they like and dislike about its design. +hat would hel! me make my classroom more enoyable or my uture students.  Refection Assignment #3What I Learned: I learned how to use the borders tool to hel! bring lie to my fyer. +he WordArt tool was hel! or creating the title o my school e ent. I learned what inormation is re2uired on a newsletter or my students. +his will hel! when I need to notiy my students about an u!coming classroom e ent. 'trengths and Weaknesses: I couldn%t (nd any weakness with this assignment. I eel that it is crucial to know what inormation needs to be on a handout so my students are well inormed. +he borders and WordArt is also im!ortant because it makes the !age look more a!!ealing to read. +he strengths o the assignment are my deense as to why it has to weaknesses. When I was handed a bland !iece o !a!er in school I ne er read it I  ust !ut it in my back!ack. 'tudent Acti ity:  I would write all o the inormation or an u!coming e ent on theboard and ha e my students go home and either draw or design one inWord. +hey would bring me their fyers the ollowing day and turn themin to me. I would !ick my a orite and use it as the handout. I belie e this assignment would be good because it allows my students to show their creati ity as well as show me what they think an interesting fyer would look like.  Refection Assignment #4What I learned: I learned all about the education de!artment website0 the 5'6 website0 and the 55'7 website. +he resources on all o these !ages are ery hel!ul and I eel they will be o great use to me. Learning about Weebly was also ery cool. It%s an essential website or &78 maors and setting my own site u! will hel! me kee! track o all o my assignments. 'trengths and Weaknesses:  +he strengths o this assignment were why I enoyed doing it. Learning about the resources a ailable to us on the arious sites was ery enlightening. +he Weebly website is a necessary item or all &78 students and its good that we had to make one. +here weren%t any negati es I ound with this assignment0 I really enoyed doing it. 'tudent Acti ity:  +his assignment was !erect0 and I%d hate to 9steal it. I lo e the idea o a sca enger hunt o websites with resources they would need or the school year. 'o (rst o all I would gi e them a similar assignment where they look or a s!eci(c !age and answer 2uestions.  +hey would need to look or s!eci(c inormation on the !age to answerthe 2uestion !osed to them.
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