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Point of Distribution Exercise Overall Action Plan & Model Adam Kirby, Luke Hohmann, Pamela Aaltonen, & J. Eric Dietz Purdue University January 2016 Abstract Execution of a proper distribution exercise is the only way to ensure successsucceed in the case of an actual mass prophylaxis event. Without proper training and practice, providing to the public the necessary product or medication during distribution can cause extreme chaos and
  Point of Distribution ExerciseOverall Action Plan & Model  Adam Kirby, Luke Hohmann, Pamela Aaltonen, & J. Eric DietzPurdue UniverityJanuary ! #$  Abstract Execution of a proper distribution exercise is the only way to ensure successsucceed in the case of an actual mass prophylaxis event. Without proper training and practice, providing to the public the necessary product or medication during distribution can cause extreme chaos and confusion. The planned exercise presented in this study was developed to ensure that all plannersand workers are prepared for an actual event and how to deal with certain scenarios which may occur. IntroductionProject and Observations The following  project is an overviews of the planned exercise that was performed. The exercise took place at the Tippecanoe County airgrounds in !afayette, ndiana. The provided the proper building si#e and had ade$uate amounts of parking and resources. The hog barn was chosen because it had plenty of room for the exercise to take place. The building allowed for easy entrance access for all people, including handicapped, and was easy to find. There was morethan enough room for the %oint of &istribution '%(&) to be set up and people to move around freely. *pproximately one $uarter of the space was used for the exercise, which involved a sample of about + people. , soTherefore, there would have easily enough room to process more,especially if the exercise was running continuously. %lenty of p%arking was readily available andthe location was not on a busy road making it even made it  better for crowd control and traffic management.  (nce the exercise was set up, Tthe different stations of the exercise includedd triage, registration, screening, and distribution in orderthat order . The triage station was there to evaluateevaluated individuals entering the exercise, to determininge the priority of their situation. Triage is an extremely important step in the exercise because it can determineregulates how far the individual has progressed in the given situation. This step can help keep individuals safer by determining how someone is doing rather than letting them get near everyone and contaminate thempreventing contamination, or allowif perhaps they re$uire i immediiate medical attention if they re$uire it. , Tthis identification can be taken care of faster than if they  participated allowing them to participate in the distribution and caused a scene. The next station was the registration station where individuals filled out information about themselves- including  mostly family information. (nce the registration process was finished, the individuals were sent to screening where they werewould be evaluated based on their information and given the go aheadpermission to continue. They arrived at the on to the distribution table where they were allotted their amount of medication.*t the exercise, tThere were different people present from local government agencies and%urdue niversity to complete the exercise. The health department was present and used in the guidance of crowd control and a few members work eding at the triage and registration stations. Two police officers were present to provideprovided security and assistance. /ost of the individuals working all the stations were seated in pairs and were from either %urdue0s or vy Tech0s nursing programs.The exercise showed many scenarios and emergent phenomena that could be studied.There were multiple individuals that had complications walking, which caused them to trip and   break their leg or foota bone. This , re$uirinre$uiredg them to be eitheran escorted through in a wheel chair or evacuationated through in a wheel chair. There was an individualassigned individual that was playingto play the role of a lost, t and confused, and mute person who could not speak . That particular individual sat in the registration area for $uite some time before being noticed. There was a sick individual that was throwing up which was intended Tto add a complicationcomplicate to the exercise, there was an assigned sick individual that vomited. There was a * hyperventilating individual that was stressed and causing caused a scene1 theyat  had to be evacuated. There were individuals that would argueargued with workers at the dispensing and screening stations. that they were not being treated fairly and that they needed more medication for a number of reasons including for their loved ones that weren0t present or  because they believed they just needed more. * final individual was acted as a protester that had nothing good to say aboutobjected to the exercise or and the medicine  being that was dispensed. They at the exercise arguedarguing that no one knew what it was, that it was a government scandal, and that no one should take the medication. This led to him beingEventually, he was forcefully evacuated by the by the  police in a forceful manner . These people were all placed at key locations and timings to create confusion and chaos at inopportune moments for the workers to test them and see how they would respond to the disruptions. *fter the observational phase of the planned exercise, there were many observations noted that caused this to be a successful exercise and several observations noted that should be improved upon or done differently. There are many things that need to be taken into account to have a successful exercise. The ederal Emergency /anagement *gency or E/* 'E/*) has a lists of  23 core capabilities that they use as the distinct critical elements needed to achieve a goal 435. n this case, the goal for the exercise was to create a planned distribution exercise and
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