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  Repertoire Folder/Audition Portfolio ã  A song from the era of musical comedy (1925-1945) i.e. by Rodgers & art! eorge ersh#in! $r%ing erlin! 'ole orter etc. he song doesn*t s+ecifically need to be comic! ,ust of this +eriod and style. ã  A song from a traditional boo musical (1945-5) i.e. by Rodgers & ammerstein! /erner & /oe#e. oc & arnic! 0ran /oesser! /eonard ernstein etc. his should be sung in a legit style. ã  A song from a musical #ith a big road#ay sound* (195-3) i.e. by ander & bb! 'y 'oleman! 6erry erman! etc. he music style of this material #ill usually ha%e a ,a77 influence. ã  A modern musical theatre ballad (+ost 1983) i.e. by te+hen ch#art7! 6ason Robert ro#n! :illiam 0inn! 0laherty & Ahrens! etc. he musical style #ill often ha%e a +o+ influence. ã  A modern musical theatre u+-tem+o (+ost-1983). ee abo%e. ã  A song by te+hen ondheim. ã  A #ide %ariety of different +o+ and roc songs. ;ecade-s+ecific songs (1953s!3s! 83s! 3s) ã ritish musical theatre song. ã 'omedy or charm song. ã atter song.
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