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Intlnand regional organizations
  1. The tension caused by the outbreak of the Congo Crisis in 1960 pushed African states into these various sub-regional groupings, !C T#a. $ra%%avillec. &onrovia b. Casablanca d. 'esotho(. The predecessor of African )nion.a. African Co**unityc. + A b. rgani%ation of African )nityd. African cono*ic Co**unity. /hen as A) establisheda. 2une 1(, 199c. &ay (3, 196 b. 2anuary 1, (001d. ece*ber 4, 19915. uring the Cold /ar period, African states shared one co**on cause  the 7777777777777 in8outh Africa.a. establish*ent of co**on *arketc. deepening and idening b. the ending of apartheid d. integration3. /hat progra**e as involved in replacing A) to a ne organi%ationa. African cono*ic Co**unityc. +e artnership for Africas evelop*ent b. rgani%ation of African )nityd. African )nion6. )8 together ith :rance, ;reat $ritain, +e <ealand, Australia, hilippines, Thailand, and akistan founded the 777777777777777777.a. Association of 8outheast Asian +ationsc. &A =>'>+ b. Association of 8outheast Asiad. 8outheast Asia Treaty rgani%ation4. =o *any *e*ber states are there in the Association of 8outheast Asian +ations a. 1(c. 1 b. 3d. 10?. /hen as A8A+ foundeda. August ((, 1964c. April 1, 1964   b. August ?, 1964d. April 1, 19649. A8A+ *e*bers spelled out in the 77777777777777777777 their *ain goals.a. Thailand eclaration c. $angkok eclaration b. @ietna* eclarationd. =ague eclaration10. 7777, 777777, and 77777 gave rise to the Association of 8outheast Asia A8AB.a. &alaysia, 8ingapore, $runeic. hilippines, Thailand, &yan*ar  b. &alaysia, hilippines, Thailand d. Thailand, 'aos, &yan*ar 
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