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  CHARGEBACK    ARQUITECTURA       Detalles en la intalación:Cluster Consideraciones de Actualización  Tareas de usuario administrador Reportes !T Administración de C#ar$e%ac& 'DC ( C#ar$e%ac&   The vCenter Server entities include virtual machines, ESX Server hosts, data centers,resource pools, host folders, and virtual machine folders. A chargeback hierarchy cancontain entities from more than one vCenter Server.  The vCenter Chargeback entities are custom entities that could represent a logical parentfor the vCenter Server entities. For eample, the vCenter Chargeback entities couldrepresent the departments, cost centers, or business units in an organi!ation. A vCenterChargeback entity can contain one or more vCenter Server entities and vCenterChargeback entities. hen you have vCloud #irector installed in your environment then each vCloud #irectororgani!ation appears as a vCenter Chargeback hierarchy. This hierarchy includes the
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