Republic v. Acoje Mining | Negligence | Estoppel

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Republic v. Acoje Mining
  Republic of the Phils. vs Acoje Mining G.R. No. L-18062 / February 28, 1963 / Bautista Angeo, !./ #R$#RA%&$#'&R(/F)ARGA( NA%*R& A++ea$&%%#N&R( Republic of the Philippines R&($#N&N%(  Acoje Mining Company  SUMMARY  . o+any ase te Bureaus o $osts to o+en a +ost o4e in (ta. ru5, abaes. ire4tor o $osts i+ose se7era 4onitions, one o i4 is tat te 4o+any assues ire4t res+onsibiity or ate7er +e4uniary oss ay be suere by te Bureau o $osts by reason o any a4to isonesty, 4areessness or negigen4e on te +art o te e+oyee o te 4o+any o is assigne to tae 4arge o te +ost o4e. %e 4o+any agree. (ubse:uenty, te +ostaster ire by te 4o+any stoe a ot o 4as. o+any a7ers tat tey are not res+onsibe be4ause te B# resoution agreeing to te 4onition o te ire4tor o $osts as utra 7ires. DOCTRIN. ourt e;+aine tat utra 7ires a4ts are <ust 7oiabe an not 7oi an te reso is not ne4essariy utra 7ires be4ause a 4or+ 4an enter into transa4tions bene=4ia to it. At te east te 4o+any 4annot is4ai iabiity on te groun o esto++e- tey a7e areay re4ei7e bene=ts. !ACTS. ã A4o<e >ining o+any, n4. re:ueste te ire4tor o $osts to o+en a+ost, teegra+ an oney orer o4es at its ining 4a+ at (ta. ru5, abaes, to ser7i4e its e+oyees an teir aiies tat erei7ing in sai 4a+. ã ire4tor e;+aine tat it is teir +oi4y tat te 4o+any assuesire4t res+onsibiity or ate7er +e4uniary oss ay be suere byte Bureau o $osts by reason o any a4t o isonesty, 4areessness ornegigen4e on te +art o te e+oyee o te 4o+any o isassigne to tae 4arge o te +ost o4e. ã B# +asse a resoution ?agreeing to te 4onitions@%at te re:uireent o te Bureau o $osts tat te 4o+any soua44e+t u res+onsibiity or a 4as re4ei7e by te $ostaster, be4o+ie it, an tat a 4o+y o tis resoution be orare to teBureau o $osts. ã  %e bran4 as o+ene it Ciario >. (an4e5, an e+oyee o te4o+any, as +ostaster. Ce ent on a 3 ay ea7e but ne7er returne.A++arenty, e abs4one it $13,86D.2E. ã o+any int +ay u+ es+ite se7era eans ?reeber teyassue iabiity@ so te go7ernent ent to 4ourt. ã o+any %e resoution o te B# as utra 7ires. %ey are asoiabe ony as a guarantor an te +ro+erties o te +rin4i+a nee to bee;auste =rst. ã F ony te su o $9,1.2 as su++orte by te e7ien4e- so tisis at 4o+any ougt to +ay. ISSUS RATIO .1.Was the resolution ultra vires? No. 'ie as a rue an utra 7ires a4t is one 4oitte outsie te ob<e4tor i4 a 4or+oration is 4reate as e=ne by te a o itsorgani5ation an tereore beyon te +oers 4onerre u+on it by atere are  however certain corporate acts that may be performedoutside of the scope of the powers expressly conferred if theyare necessary to promote the interest or welfare of thecorporation - tis 4ase or e;a+e.t as te 4o+anys iea to o+en a bran4 tere or te bene=t o itse+oyees. t asnt te Go7ernent o 4ae to te 4o+any. t ise7ient tat te 4o+any 4annot no be ear to 4o+ain tat it is notiabe or te irreguarity 4oitte by its e+oyee u+on te te4ni4a+ea tat te resoution a++ro7e by its boar o ire4tors is utra 7ires. %eeast tat 4an be sai is tat it 4annot no go ba4 on its +igte or onte groun o esto++e. %e estabisent o te o4a +ost o4e is a reasonabe an +ro+era<un4t to te 4onu4t o te business o 4o+any ?tey neee a +ost toser7i4e e+oyees  te reote area@. An utra 7ires a4t is erey 7oiabe, 4o+are to an iega a4t i4 is7oi. %e resoution ere is not 7oi or it as a++ro7e not in4ontra7ention o a, 4ustos, +ubi4 orer or +ubi4 +oi4y.t being erey 7oiabe, an utra 7ires a4t 4an be enor4e or 7aiate i tere are e:uitabe grouns or taing su4 a4tion. Cere it is air tat teresoution be u+e at east on te groun o esto++e-te 4o+any asareay re4ei7e bene=ts. %e eense o utra 7ires rests on 7ioation o trust or uty toarsto4oers, an sou not be entertaine ere its aoan4e i ogreater rong to inno4ent +arties eaing it 4or+orationLasty, te 4o+any assue Hu res+onsibiity or a 4as re4ei7e by te$ostaster.H- ob7iousy not a <ust a guarantor. DCISION . Loer ourt Are.
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