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  Chapter 1INTRODUCTION Today’s millennium students are wary of dierent learning innovationssuh us !uality and useful failities needed in order to learn that is whystudents nowadays are pretty muh demanding for them to have ande#periene !uality eduation in shool$ In terms of essential failitiesprimarily the hairs %la&%oard'white%oard lassrooms omputers ventilation the anteen area et$ whih are needed %y every students inorder for them to have e(ient learning truly this failities are one of thefators aeting the e(ient learning of the students in the shool thus asingle a%sene and la& of these suh failities and even this partiularfaility is in %ad ondition and low !uality it an massively aet a hild’slearning that may also ause to aet his'her future ahead of them$ )irst isthe importane of having !uality shool anteen now how an it aet thestudent’s learning* +et us e#plain its onnetion, let us give you a asesenario In a shool a anteen is overrowded inside %eause of theongested %uilt of the anteen plus the variety or the num%er of the produtsoered %y the anteen was not su(ient enough to supply the students whatthey are planning to %uy and eat now as the students e#periened andwitnessed this senario they have the tendeny to -ust not %uy a food to eatand -ust hoose to s&ip the %rea& time'reess time therefore we onludedthat when a shool anteen needs an improvement %eause of ongested%uilt and oers little variety of food to student it an lead them to -ust hoseto s&ip his'her time to eat then they will not supply and give enough soureof energy and nutrients to their %ody speially the %rain while the disussionor the lass hours of this students whose attending this partiular lass he'she will not have e(ient energy and willingness to partiipate well in thelass and the !uality of learning will derease$
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