Research Paradigms

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Research paradigms: Ontology's, Epistemologies & Methods Terry Anderson
  Research Paradigms: Ontology's, Epistemologies & Methods  Terry AndersonPhD Seminar  Research Paradigms  Paradigm ã “a philosophical and theoretical rame!or o a scienti#c school or discipline !ithin !hich theories, la!s, and generali$ations and the e%periments perormed in spport o them are ormlated Merriam (e)ster Dictionary, *++- ã “the set o common )elies and agreements shared )et!een scientists a)ot ho! pro)lems shold )e nderstood and addressed ./hn, 012*-  ã Ontology: !ays o constrcting reality, “ho! things really are and “ho! things really !or 3 3 Den$in and 4incoln, .01156 *+0- ã Epistemology: di7erent orms o no!ledge o that reality, !hat natre o relationship e%ists )et!een the in8irer and the in8ired9 o! do !e no!9 ã Methodology : (hat tools do !e se to no! that reality9
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