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Kelly Dooley 229 Stanford Drive  Chester Springs, PA 19425  Phone: (610) 731-8839  E-Mail: 426 Copper Beech Circle  Harrisonburg, VA 22801 Objective To obtain a job in the educational field in order to gain hands on experience that will utilize and further develop my teaching skills, as well as bringing my passion and knowledge of education and teaching to use. Experience Churchville Elementary School January, 2016- May 2016  I volunt
  Kelly Dooley   229 Stanford Drive   Chester Springs, PA 19425   Phone: (1! #$1%&&$9   '%ail: )ellyndooley*g+ail-o+42 Copper .ee-h Cir-le   /arrison0rg, A 22&!1 30e-tive  o o0tain a o0 in the ed-ational 6eld in order to gain hands on e7perien-e that 8ill tilie and frther develop +y tea-hing s)ills, as 8ell as 0ringing +y passion and )no8ledge of ed-ation and tea-hing to se '7perien-e Chr-hville 'le+entary S-hoolanary, 2!1% ay 2!1 ã ; volnteered to assist at the afters-hool progra+ to help 6rst and se-onders 8ith e7tra ttoring 8here needed, helping 8ith ho+e8or) and doing hands on ed-ational a-tivities 8ith the -hildren arsh Cree) Si7th <rade Center ay, 2!1 ã ; assisted in a spe-ial ed-ation -lassroo+ as a one%on%one aide 8ith di=erent -hildren ã ; gained e7perien-e throgh o0serving tea-hers in their everyday environ+ent >ionville iddle S-hool ay, 2!1 ã ; o0served and assisted in seventh and eighth grade spe-ial ed-ation -lassroo+s 8hile helping -reate lesson plans o0e-tives for these days /arrison0rg ?o-)ingha+ Child Day-are Center Septe+0er, 2!1% De-e+0er, 2!1 ã ; o0served and assisted in a pres-hool -lassroo+, helping tea-h dring -ir-le ti+e as 8ell as aiding and assisting the -hildren throgh di=erent a-tivities iddle S-hool isit Progra+ Septe+0er, 2!15 ã ; assisted in the iddle S-hool isit Progra+ at a+es adison @niversity, helping tor and ed-ate nderprivileged teenagers a0ot -ollege and get the+ to gain insight on 8anting to frther their ed-ation 'd-ation Attending a+es adison @niversity 2!14%2!1& 30taining a 0a-helor degree in the College of 'd-ation 8ith a +aor of ;nterdis-iplinary >i0eral Stdies and 8ith a +inor in ;n-lsive 'arly Childhood 'd-ation spe-ialiing in early ele+entary and spe-ial ed-ation asters at a+es adison @niversity2!19 Planning on o0taining a +asters degree in the College of 'd-ation at a+es adison @niversity ;nvolved in the <;' -l0, as 8ell as a peer 0ddy and -l0 +e+0er in .est .ddies at a+es adison @niversity ?eferen-es availa0le pon reest    S)ills ã Patien-e ã #B years of e7perien-e 0a0ysitting and nannying all ages fro+ ne80orn to teenagers ã Co++ni-ation ã ; strongly 0elieve in good -o++ni-ation 8ith +y peers and -o8or)ers ã 3rganiation ã ; e7e+plify organiation throgh +y everyday life as 8ell as s-hool8or)2
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