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  Prashant Mohan   1050 S Stanley Pl, Apt 209, Tempe, AZ 85281 (951)-640-5239 pprasha1@as!e  SUMMARY: #a$e  4 years  %& a'a em' an n stral eperen'e n *++, *%mptat%nal e%metry, nte .lement Analyss(Str'tral, Thermal, */), 3/ *A/, ete%r%l%y, ptmat%n, mer'al Analyss, Statst'al Analyss! EDUCATIONMaster of Science, Mechanical Enineerin PA 3!454!00   ra at%n /ate ay 2014Ar%na State 7n$ersty, Tempe, AZ !achelor of Technoloy, Mechanical Enineerin PA !0  10!0   ay 20097ttar Pra esh Te'hn'al 7n$ersty, haaa , :n a TEC NICA# COMPETENCIES ã T%%ls;anaes  A*:S, *++, <sal St %! *, Pr%-., S%l =%r>s, s-&&'e, #PS, AT;A?, ASS, ;7.T, P, athemat'a ã thers  .A, Statst'al Analyss, e'han'al /esn, Al%rthm /e$el%pment an :mplementat%n RESEARC E$PERIENCE ra ate Besear'h Ass%'ate, /esn At%mat%n ;a, AS7 ay 2011-Present %o&n'ry (ro)ect *CAD, C++, eo-etric Alorith-s, .D eo-etric Mo'elin, Co-(&tational eo-etry/:  an 2013 C Present   enerate  rles an e%metr' al%rthms &%r esn pattern re'%nt%n an re't%ns %& '%ntr%l!   *reate a *++ '% e sn *A/ e%metr' >ernel (A*:S an #PS) D teste assemles &%r a rane %& 5-50 parts!   /esn an e$el%pe '% e n'l n en an %ptmat%n!   /e$el%pe a 7: &%r $eEn, a n n&%rmat%n t% *A/ m% el as Eell as %n statst'al analyss %n t!   Be$$e a lea'y s%&tEare &%r &eatre re'%nt%n Thesis 0or1 *CAD, CAM, eo-etric Alorith-s, C++, Co-(&tational eo-etry, MAT#A!/:  ay 2011 C ay 2014 ã /e$el%pe a set %& e%metr' al%rthms an s%&tEare mplementat%n (*++, $sal st %) &%r *Fs (*A)! ã These al%rthms Eere 'reate n an %Ge't %rente style sn '%n'epts %& mathemat' an e%metry! ã *reate test parts sn ** ma'hnes as Eell as 3/ *A/ (HS%l E%r>sPr%-.), AT;A? &%r $er&'at%n! I2%A! (ro)ect *CAD, C++, eo-etric Alorith-s, Statistical Analysis,   Co-(&tational eo-etry/:  an 2012 C Ast 2012 ã St e an e$el%pe the al%rthm &%r t%leran'e sta'> p (statst'al analyss) &%r /DT $er&'at%n! ã /e$el%pe a *++ '% e &%r %n t%leran'e sta'> p an %nte *arl% analyss %& a pr%'ess  plan &%r me'han'al parts (*A/)! ã *reate 3/ *A/ test 'ases sn S%l E%r>sHPr%-.! Co-(le3ity (ro)ect *C++, eo-etric Alorith-s/:  ay 2011 C /e'emer 2011 ã /esne an e$el%pe an al%rthm &%r Eehte &n't%nal raph %& all the parametersparts a&&e'tn the me'han'al systems! ã Per&%rme statst'al analyss sn .'el an *++ t% etermne the stan ar   e$at%n an '%rrelat%n matr'es! ã 7se $sal st % an En %Es AP: as Eell as %pen s%r'e &%r e$el%pn the '% e! OR5 E$PERIENCEPro'&ct Desin Enineer *R6D/ , S< Pr%e ,  Tempe, AZ 't%er 2014C Present ã /esn an e$el%pment %& neE pr% 'ts as per 'st%mer an &n't%n reIrements ã *reate an m% &e ma'r%s ( en an %ptmat%n) &%r S%l E%r>s an .'el sn <sal ?as' ã Bnnn .A an t%leran'e analyss &%r pr% 't &easlty an Ial&'at%n ã *%%r natn Eth $en %rs &%r parts an materals &%r the pr% 't as Eell as pr%$ e spp%rt t% man&a'trn Teachin Assistant  *A/ t%%ls (A. 541- *++, e%metr' Al%rthms, 2/3/ *A/, A*:S), AS7 an 2013 C ay 2013 ã a e s%lt%ns &%r assnments ase %n enneern s%&tEare e$el%pment sn *++, $sal st %, *, En %Es AP:! ã Assste pr%&ess%r n tea'hn an  ra n as Eell as >eepn tra'> %& st ents ra es an pr%ress ã Pr%$ e help n 'reatn, testn an en %& '% e t% a 'lass %& 30 st ents! Instr&ctor2CAE * A. 323) , AS7 Ast 2012 C /e'emer 2012 ã Taht nte .lement Analyss sn ASS t% a 'lass %& 60 st ents ACADEMIC PRO7ECTS   CAD Tools2*C++, ACIS/: atr t%%l %, Spa'e Trssrame Analyer, eatre : ent&'at%n, e%metr' .nttles! CAD *Mathe-atica/: ?eer an ?splnes 'r$es an sr&a'es, /e *astelGa Al%rthm, /elanay Tranlat%n   %inite Ele-ent Analysis *ANSYS 8 APD# an' or19ench/: Pr%Ge'ts %n ;near stat' analyss, %n-lnear str'tralthermal analyss (%n ary n%n-lnearty, materal n%n-lnearty, '%nta't analyss) ,  #arm%n', B % y ynam's, Transent, % al, Ban %m $rat%ns an &alre analyss! Pr%Ge't %n %ptmat%n %& a '%n-r% &%r mnmm Eeht an mamm stress!   Str&ct&ral O(ti-iation *MAT#A!, ANSYS/: Pr%Ge't %n Eeht an t%p%l%y %ptmat%n %& :n stral T%%ls, ;earne &&erent %ptmat%n te'hnIes! DOE   *7MP, ANSYS, MAT#A!/: /esne an n stral Eren'h (mnmm Eeht) y $aryn esn parameters -A<A! RE#ATED COURSEOR5  ã e'han'al /esn D alre Pre$ent%n ã Str'tral ptmat%n ã A $an'e *A.-ASS(nte .lement Analyss) ã /esn %& .nneern .perment (/.)  ã *%mptat%nal l /ynam's (*/)  ã *A/ - /e$el%pn S%&tEare &%r .nneern Appl'at%ns PU!#ICATIONS ã P %han, am Shah, %seph J a$ s%n , 2013, KA ;rary %& eatre ttn Al%rthms &%r /DT <er&'at%n %& Planar an *yln r'al eatresL, pr%'ee ns %& AS. 2013, /.T*2013-12612, pp! <02AT02A005 ã P #ahh, P <emlapall, P %han, am Shah, %seph J /a$ s%n, 2013, KPrelmnary :n$estat%n %n eneratn an .pl't/DT S'heme &r%m a Pr%'ess PlanL, pr%'ee ns %& AS. 2013, /.T*2013-13123, pp! <004T05A005 ã P <emlapall, P %han, am Shah, %seph J /a$ s%n, 2014, K7ser /e&ne Assemly eatres an Pattern Be'%nt%n r%m ST.P AP203L, pr%'ee ns %& AS. 2014, /.T*2014-35295, pp! <01AT02A06 ã P #ahh, P %han, am Shah, %seph J /a$ s%n, 2014, KAt%mat' /ete't%n an .tra't%n %& T%leran'e Sta'>s n e'han'al AssemlesL, pr%'ee ns %& AS. 2014, /.T*2014-35315, pp! <02?T03A018 ã  P %han, P #ahh, am Shah, %seph J /a$ s%n, 2014, KAt%mat' /ete't%n %& /re't%ns %& /mens%nal *%ntr%l n e'han'al PartsL, pr%'ee ns %& AS. 2014, S.*2014-4143, pp! <001T04A005 ã P %han, P #ahh, P <emlapall, athan Jalsh, am Shah, %seph J /a$ s%n, 2014, KT%Ear At%mat' T%leran'n %& e'han'al Assemles Assemly AnalysesL, ! *%mpt! :n&! S'! .n! 14(4), 041009 ã P #ahh, P %han, am Shah, %seph J /a$ s%n, 2015, KA rameE%r> &%r .pl'atn %rmal e%metr'al an /mens%nal T%leran'es S'hema r%m an&a'trn Pr%'ess Plans &%r Three-/mens%nal *%n&%rman'e AnalyssL, ! *%mpt! :n&! S'! .n! 15(2), 021003 ã P %han, am Shah, %seph J a$ s%n , 2013, KSmlate an .permental <er&'at%n %& * eatre ttn Al%rthmsL,  pr%'ee ns %& AS. 2015 - 46515, Ast 2-5, 2015, ?%st%n, assa'hsetts, 7SA ã * References upon request
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