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Christopher R. Carque 5517 Galena Point St. Las Vegas, NV 89130 (702) 286-5175 ________________________________________________________________________ Education January 2018 Southern Utah University * Master of Educational Administration May 2004 University of Nevada Las Vegas * Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education,
  Christopher R. Carque 5517 Galena Point St.Las Vegas, NV 89130(702) 286-5175cca! e#g$$ %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% EducationJanuary 2018 Southern Utah University & 'aste o * cational +*$inistation May 2004 University of evada !as e#as & acelo o +ts in Secon*a * cation, e$/asis in Social St *ies Schoo$ !eadership E%perienceSchoo$ &radin# Co''ittee (onan)a *i#h Schoo$ 201+,-resent & eate, test, an* /lan i$/le$entation o a scool i*e $ini$ $  /olic& e4elo/ scool i*e /oce* es to stea$line all as/ects o ga*ing Socia$ Studies epart'ent Chair (onan)a *i#h Schoo$ 201/,-resent & Liaison it a*$inistation to e4al ate *e/at$ent /lans an* concens& eate agen*as an* estalise* $eeting /otocols tat $ai$ie* *e/at$ent collaoation & 'aintain Social St *ies *e/at$ent  *get an* $anage all tetoo an* tecnolog e! isitions &raduation Co''ittee(onan)a *i#h Schoo$201/,-resent &+ssist in /lanning, lao t, an* /oce* es o te onana ga* ation cee$onies&+tten* ga* ation cee$onies as a ca/eone an*o se E'p$oy'ent *istoryeacher (onan)a *i#h Schoo$ CCS !as e#as  2004,-resent  & lasses ta gt: ;ol* <isto, +$eican <isto, +$eican Go4en$ent& Patici/ate* in n $eo s co-teacing sit ations o st *ents it *i4ese leaning nee*s& Po4i*e* e$e*ial se4ices o st *ents in nee* o a**itional s //ot it /o=cienc tests& +cte* as Social St *ies teace o ga*ing an* g i*ing o +P> ce*it etie4al st *ents&osen to ost a st *ent teace ase* on $ /oessionalis$, teacing $eto*s, an* e/eience E%tracurricu$ar E%perience & <ea* Si$ oac 2009-2011& <ea* oss o nt oac 2005-2008& ? nio Vasit <ea* Socce oac200@-2008 *onors and 3ards & A+V Ae4ies& Beace o te 'ont 2009&C tstan*ing * cato +a*, e'ola Dntenational, Cctoe 2010 ther S5i$$s and 6nterests & o Sco ts o +$eica, Aan o agle Sco t 1996& os State atten*ee1997&o-Cganie* 'iles o 'elano$a cait e4ent2012-2016
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