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Everett J. Lepp (309) 265-3201 Permanent Address: Current Address: 3223 West Chartwell Road 217 Welch Ave Apt 302 Peoria, IL 61614 Ames, IA 50014 Education Iowa State University, Ames, IA
  Everett J. Lepp  (309) Permanent Address: Current Address:3223 West Chartwell Road 217 Welch Ave Apt 302Peoria, I !1!1 Ames, IA #001 Educato! Iowa $tate %niversit&, Ames, IA '(pected )raduation: *ecem+er 2017a-or: omputer E!#!eer!# )PA: 2.7! $or% E&pere!ce' $&stems Co/p: Whirlpool Corporation Ja!uary 2016-u#ut 2016 ã $upported and implemented applications aectin assem+l& line production ã *esined we+ paes  data+ases used or materials storae and retrieval ã *eveloped plant/wide processes handlin and trac4in corrective actions Cashier5%sher: Willow Knolls 14 Goodrich Quality Theatre   Ju!e 2012-u#ut 201* ã Cleaned and reorani6ed multiple theatres ã $old concessions5handled mone&5admitted movieoers +ro,ect'  Android Application *esin: Supply Drop   Ja!uary 2015 ã Colla+orated with a team to produce an application similar to $napchat usin )oole aps %I and device location detection ã Created ormal PowerPoint presentation to showcase eatures and correct usaen+oard Atea12 %I *evelopment: Lunar Landing  Ja!uary 2015 ã *eveloped user interace or a PC8 mounted to an automated Room+a machine with the oal o +lindl& naviatin a ma6e o o+staclesWe+/+ased 9o+ 8iddin $&stem: Whirlpool Bidding System Ja!uary 2016 ã *e+ued and polished we+/+ased -o+ +iddin s&stem to replace older paper +ased s&stem ã Implemented methods to populate '(cel ta+les5we+ paes with data rom $ $erver anaement $tudio ech!cal %ll' Prorammin anuaes ã C, 9ava, A$P.;'<, =isual 8asic, 9avascript, )oole $cripts, >< #, C$$<a+le5*ata+ase $tructure, *esin, and Implementation ã $, $martsheet, '(cel, )oole $heetsanuacturin $&stems ã  A$R$ onitorin <ool5Inventor& <ool, Whirlpool 8roadcast $&stem ctvte a!d /o!or' ã em+er, Institute o 'lectrical and 'lectronics 'nineers Ja!uary 201*-+ree!t ã >arve&/*un4er $cholarship Participant u#ut 2013
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