Ridgewood Farm Summer Camp

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2017 Summer Camp Info
  Ridgewood Farm SummerCamp Each day of camp will include at least one riding lesson, crafts,swimming, caring for horses, unmounted lessons, and games!Each camp ends with a mini horse show! -2017 Camps- Middle School Overnight (July 23-25) $400 Three full day and t!o overnight lled !ith regular ca# activitie% &uring the ca#' the tudent !ill have a great deal of reoniility taing care of hore and !oring together to #anage the far#% *o hore e+erience re,uired% Otion to attend overnight ca# for day O*./ (-3130) $5le#entary School &ay a# (July 0-4) and (July -2) $256ive day that run fro#  to 3130% Thi ca# !ill contain regular ca# activitie% *o hore e+erience re,uired% le#entary School &ay a# 78T9 O:;*8<9T (=ugut -4) $356our full day lled !ith regular ca# activitie% Student !illget the e+erience of taing care of the hore and life on the far#% The nal night (T9>;S&=/) i an overnight% *o hore e+erience re,uired% For more information on camps or to reserve a spot,please contact Ali Perkins at  Aleaperkins maineedu#iscounts and scholarships are availa$le to those whoin%uire RidgewoodFarm Ridgewood Farm, owned my &isa and 'im (ailey, islocated in )ilton, *aine +he farm includes eighteensummer and winter stalls, with an attached indoorriding arena, an outdoor riding arena, access to trails,and ve large grass paddocks +he farm also has a full upstairs where the overnightcamps will house the students Full $athroom andlounge areas are also availa$le to the students Apool is also availa$le on site
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