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Biological carrier media For waste water treatment Biological carrier media For waste water treatment An effective waste water treatment Carriers for suspended beds facility is an essential premise for The biological carrying media used ensuring a clean environment. One in MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm of the main process steps in a waste Reactor) are continuously in mo
  Biological carrier mediaFor waste water treatment  Carriers for suspended beds  The biological carrying media used in MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) are continuously in motion caused by air injection and recircula-ting water. The specific density of the carrier media can be adjusted from 0.95 to 1.15 g/cm 3 , depending on customers’ demand. However it has to be considered that the actual density of the carrying media will increase as the biofilm develops on the media surface. The advantage of the MBBR in comparison to the trickling filters and submerged fixed beds is that it maintains a thinner layer of biofilm on the carrier media which will allow higher specific surfaces.  Therefore it is permissible to have smaller reactor sizes which will turn into smaller investment costs while maintaining the necessary degradati-on of the organic load. The Bioflow 9  with its filigree structure shows a very high speci-fic surface area of 800 m 2  /m 3 . It is mostly used for waste water with low organic load. An example of this might be the waste water of fish farming.In case the organic load is still higher the Bioflow 40  will be the right choice. As its size and thus its weight per piece too is higher than that of the type 9 and 30 it was necessary to take care of the mechanical abrasion. Due to the drumlike shape the wear resistance is at a high level. Biological carrier mediaFor waste water treatment  An effective waste water treatment facility is an essential premise for ensuring a clean environment. One of the main process steps in a waste water treatment plant involves the degradation of organics by micro- or ganisms. Just as any living crea-ture these micro-organisms need oxygen to survive. This oxygen is most commonly inserted by air in  jection directly into the waste water. The process can be improved by adding solid surfaces to the water container. These surfaces give the micro-organisms a place to grow up and their residence time is lon-ger than the one of the water. RVT Process Equipment is delivering the optimum carriers for this application.No matter whether the process requires biological carrying media for trickling filters, random or sus-pended beds, all of the following requirements must be fulfilled: High specific surface area Good permeability of the waste water Optimum size and configuration in respect of price and durability Suitable to be cleaned by water flowing through Non toxic material to ensure the life of the micro-organisms  The Bioflow suspended bed filters from RVT Process Equipment at a glanceCarriers for trickling filters and submerged bed filters at a glanceCarriers for trickling filters and submerged fixed beds  These carriers are available both as structured blocks and as random carriers each of which ensuring the flow of water in all directions. When selecting a carrier next to the weight of itself the organic load must also be taken into calculation. For a high organic load a carrier with a more open structure might be ap propriate while for low organic loads a carrier with high surface area might be required.Random packingsStructured blocksMaterials: PE, black and natureMaterials: PE, black  The values indicated above apply for a ratio of diameter of vessel to carriers of D/d >/= 20. All information presented  herein is believed to be accurate and reliable but does not constitute a warranty or performance guarantee on part of RVT Process Equipment GmbH.  Typespecific surface area m 2  /m 3 bulk density kg/m 3 dimensions d x h in mmBioflow 98001459 x 7Bioflow 403059240 / 45 x 35 Typeblock diemensions l x w x h in mmspecific surface area m 2  / m 3 weight kg/m 3 RFK 25B200 x 200 x 20039692RFK 38B300 x 300 x 30026268RFK 50B500 x 500 x 60018063RFK 65B500 x 500 x 60013552RFK 75B500 x 500 x 60011051 Typespecific surface area m 2  /m 3 weight kg / m 3 RFK 25L31271RFK 38L18851RFK 50L14851RFK 65L10238RFK 75L7836RFK 15S437118RFK 15SL602125RFK 65S9643RFK 75S6530 Figures include a tolerance of +/- 5 % due to manufacturing Materials:PE/PP recycled PE, black PE, virgin  The Bioflow 9 is only available in PE virgin, density is not variable  BambergWerneck R  e   g  e  n  s  b u  r   g        M     ü    n    c     h    e    n    S   t   u   t   t  g   a   r   t        S      t     u      t      t     g     a     r      t SaalfeldKulmbachExitNailaBadBerneckExitBadBerneckPegnitzBayreuthErlangenFürthWürzburgSchweinfurtBadNeustadta.d.SaaleMeiningen Fulda        E     r       f     u     r      t       K    a    s    s    e      l      /      H    a     n     n     o     v    e     r        E      i     s     e     n     a     c      h F r ank f ur t / K öln KronachEisfeldIntersectionBamberg Hof Naila Ludwigs-stadt      B    e    r     l     i    n     /     L    e     i    p     z     i    g   Loben-steinStaffelstein Nürnberg  A 9 A73 A70 A 7 A 3 A 7 A 3 A 6 A 9 A 3 A 6 A 9B19B89B 4B85B 4B 279B 303B 303B 279B173B85B173B85B505B470B303 IntersectionBiebelriedExitSchweinf.WerneckCoburg       S     u      h      l  A73 Steinwiesen Lichtenfels  A73 A70 Our addresses RVT Process Equipment GmbHPaul-Rauschert-Straße 696349 Steinwiesen, GermanyPhone +49 (0) 9262 77-0Fax +49 (0) 9262 77-771E-Mail info@rvtpe.de RVT Process Equipment, Inc.9047 Executive Park Drive Suite 222Knoxville, TN 37923, USA Phone +1 (865) 694-2089Fax +1 (865) 560-3115E-Mail info@rvtpe.net   KunshanRVT Process Equipment Co., LtdNo. 66 - 68, Shaojing RoadDevelopment Zone Kunshan215300 Kunshan, Jiangsu provinceP.R. ChinaPhone +86 (512) 55 18 82 52Fax +86 (512) 55 18 81 87E-Mail info.cn@rvtpe.com  The way to RVT Process Equipment    T   h  e   i  n   f  o  r  m  a   t   i  o  n   i  n   t   h   i  s   l  e  a   fl  e   t  a  r  e  g  e  n  e  r  a   l   l  y  c  o  r  r  e  c   t ,   h  o  w  e  v  e  r   i   t   i  s  n  o   t  p  o  s  s   i   b   l  e   t  o   l  a  y  c   l  a   i  m    t  o   l   i  a   b   i   l   i   t  y  o  r  g  u  a  r  a  n   t  e  e .   B   i  o   l  o  g   i  c  a   l   C  a  r  r   i  e  r   M  e   d   i  a   0   2   /   2   0   1   3 RVT Process Equipment GmbHRange of products  Tower packings for mass and heat transferStructured packings formass and heat transferColumn internals Mass transfer traysBiological carrier media Turn-key units for waste gas scrubbing Ammonia recovery processesCombustion plants for the disposal of exhaust air, waste gases and liquid media www.rvtpe.com
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