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A sample test for APHG with answers included.
  Chapter 11. According to the theory of the environmental determinism, which of the following areas would have the most productive settlements?A.Tropical regions B.Temperate regions C.Mountainous regionsD.Artic regionsE.Arid regions.!hich of the following would have the smallest map scale?A.Map of Alas a#.Map of $entuc y C.Map of the world D.Map of %ashville, TennesseeE.Map of avenue of the Americas, new &or city '.!hich of the following applies to all aspects of human geography?A.Ethnicity#.(ender C.Climate D.Space E.Density).*ouisville, $entuc y, is located in a valley and is +uilt on the hio -iver. ts streets patterns follow the orientation of the river. There features refer most directly to *ouisville/s A.Situation #.0iteC.-elative distanceD. (entrificationE.A+solute location.Europe and Asia are primarily divided along the line that e2tends along the A.Alps, +lac sea, and ndian ocean#.3imalayas and ndian ocean C.Ural mountains, black sea, and Caspian sea D.Transylvanian alps and Danu+e river E.4olga river and dinaric alps5.f its pm. n your city and it is 1pm in (reenwich, England, what is your city/s appro2imatelongitude?A.1 degrees west#.1 degrees eastC.'6 degrees west D.! degrees east E.) degrees east7.!hich of the following is not one of the five themes of geography?A.-egion#.8lace C.Maps D.*ocationE.Movement9.$entuc y, Canada, the hio river valley, a (erman:spea ing region, and northern reland are all classified as  A.;unctional regions B. ormal regions C.8erceptual regionsD.3eterogeneous culturesE.0hatter +elts<.0aying =*ouisville, $entuc y, is located at '9 degrees north, 9 degrees west> is giving *ouisville/sA.-elative location #.-egion C.Absolute location D.;unctional regionE.Cognitive map16.!hich of the following is not used +y geographers to determine a+solute location?A.Euator B.Distance from the ocean C.*atitudeD.8rime meridian E.*ongitude11.!hich of the following statements most closely aligns with the theory of environmental determinism? A.The physical environment interacts with human groups in shaping the cultural landscape#.3umans create a series of reactions to the physical environment in which they live and choose from a set of possi+ilities the +est course of action to suit their circumstancesC.The physical environment may affect human choices, +ut human groups ultimately can shape the physical environment to fit their needs D.The ph#sical en$ironment directl# causes human actions to take the forms the# do E.-esources drive the creation of a set of tensions +etween the regions of the world richin food and those most needing it.1.%iamey, the capital of %iger, if located at 1' degrees '1 minutes north latitude and  degrees 7 minutes east longitude. This is %iamey/s A.-elative location#.-egion C.Absolute location D.%odeE.0ite1'.*ondon has +ecome a world city in part +ecause of its pro2imity to ports and other places thatfoster development. This reason for *ondon/s historic growth relates to the city/sA.0ite#.0overeignty C.Situation D.-edlining E.distance decay1).The spread of influen@a would most li ely +e associated with which form of diffusion?A.E2pansion#.3iercrchicalC.-elocation  D.Contagious E.0timulus1.!ho was the first to coin the term geography?A.8lato#.Aristole C.%ratosthenes D.(raphicalE.4ernacular 15.1166,666 is an e2ample of what type of scale?A.!ord#.*ine statement C. ractional D.0mall scaleE.*arge scale17.!hat is the name for the phenomenon that the farther a feature moves from a hearth, the less dominant is?A.Central place#.Concentric circleC.-egional analysis D.Distance deca# E.0euent occupance19.!hat geographic approach suggests that humans possess the a+ility to dominate their environment rather than they are defined +y the environment?A.Animistic approach#.Temperate approachC.Environmental determinist approachD.0ocioecology approach %.&ossibilist approach 1<.f an area has the o+Bects in it that are tightly arranged, it is said to +e what?A.Dense B.Clustered C.Dispersed D.0catteredE.-egionali@ed 6.!hat type of map has all lines of latitudes and longitudes meeting at right angles, creating much distortion at +oth of the polar regions? A.Mercator &ro'ection #.-o+inson 8roBectionC.Molleweide 8roBectionD.A@imuthal 8roBectionE.(oods:3omsoline 8roBection1.!hich type of map would have the largest scale?A.!orld map#.Continent MapC.Country MapD.-egional Map %.Cit# Map .The relationship +etween an o+Bect on the surface of the earth and the same o+Bect on a map  proBection is nown as what?A.Map Class  #.Map proBection C.Map scale D.Map distortion E.Map direction'.The delivery area of the 8itts+urgh ga@ette is an e2ample of what type of region? A. unctional region #.;ormal regionC.4ernacular regionD.0tatistical regionE.r+an realm).A fad is started +y a television cele+rity of wearing shorts with a shirt and a tie. The trend spreads throughout the united states. This an e2ample of what type of diffusion?A.E2panision#.ContagiousC.0timulusD.-elocation %.(iearchical .A city is located on a river that is prone to flooding yet provides trade advantages that +ring measura+le wealth to the city. !hich statement would +est fit?A.The city has a good site yet a poor situation B.The cit# has a good situation #et a poor site C.The city has trade advantages that outweigh the disadvantagesD.The city has flood disadvantages that outweigh the advantagesE.The city should relocate +ecause of the flooding pro+lem.5.!hat geographic theory suggests that the landscape and climate dominated human actions an  +ehaviors?A. possi+ilism B. en$ironmental determinism C. glo+al environmentalismD. humanlandscape analysisE. cultural ecology7. A polar proBection showing true distance in one direction is an e2ample of which type of map?A. Mollewiede#. Mercator C. (oodes:3omsoline D. A)imuthal E. -o+inson9. The concept of the 0outh means many things to many people, and many people draw the 0outh using different +oundaries. This is an e2ample of a
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