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Academic Action Plan
    SCHOOL COUNSELING CORE CURRICULUM ACTION PLANDomain: Academic GradeLevelLesson TopicASCA Domain andMindsets &BehaviorsStandard(s)Curriculum andMaterialsProjectedStart!ndProcessData(Projected um#er o$ studentsA%ected)PerceptionData (Tpeo$ SurvesAssessments to #eused'utcome Data(Achievementattendance andor #ehaviordata to #ecollected)ContactPersonth The Importanceof GPA/Calculating GPA Domain* Academic ã M 4: Understandingthat postsecondary education and lifelong learning arenecessary for long-term career success ã -! #: Acti$ely engage in challenging course%or& ã -! ': Gather e$idence and consider multiple  perspecti$es to ma&e informed decisions ã - M (: )emonstrate a*ility to %or& independently ã - +: Use effecti$e colla*oration and cooperation s&ills, andout: Calculating .our GPAPencilsCalculators Septem#er+,-+. All # th  grade students %ill  participate in a 0-minute lesson on understanding ho% to calculate GPA and the importance of their GPAs in high school in relation to applying to colleges in the future, Process the learned information from students regarding misconceptionsand %hat they %ere a*le to learn through the lesson, tudents %ill display comprehension of GPA calculation through completion of %or&sheets, tudents %ill understand implications of GPA as they transition frommiddle school to high school, tudents %ill understand importance of GPA %hen researching  prospecti$e schools for college in the future, ã 1002 of students %ill understand the importance of their GPA entering high school ã 10002 of students %ill understand ho%to calculate their GPA ã #02 of students %ill implement %hat they ha$e learned to%ardsimpro$ing their grades Adan/i0ueroa
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