School Counseling Core Curriculum Action Plan (Career)

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    SCHOOL COUNSELING CORE CURRICULUM ACTION PLAN GradeLevelLesson TopicASCA Domain andMindsets &BehaviorsStandard(s)CurriculumandMaterialsProjectedStart!ndProcessData(Projected um#er o$ studentsA%ected)PerceptionData (Tpe o$ SurvesAssessmentsto #e used'utcome Data(Achievementattendance andor#ehavior datato #e collected)ContactPerson th * th +th True Color ,nventor Domain: College/Career  ã M 4: Understanding that postsecondaryeducation and lifelong learning are necessary for long-term career success ã B-LS 7: dentify long- and short-term academic! career and social/emotional goals ã B-SMS : Demonstrate a#ility to $or% independently ã B-SS &: Demonstrate ethical decision-ma%ing and socialresponsi#ility 'rue Colors n(entory! 'rue Colors description  page Career lists) 'cto#er -.'cto#er * *ll +-,th grade students$ill  participate in a &-minute lesson on finding their 'rue Colors) .rocess the learned information from students a#out $hat their colors reflect a#out them! their (alues! interests! and  possi#le career aspirations)Students $ill recognie! accept! respect and appreciate indi(idual differences! and de(elop a #etter sense of self) Students $ill #eginto de(elop a  personal (ision of their career path and goals #ased on personal strengths and interests) Students also learnthe importance of communication and people s%ills inthe $or% force) ã 01 of students $ill %no$ or more careers) ã 01 of students $ill pic% at least one career option that they are interested in) ã 01 of students $ill pic% at least 2 career options thatthey are interested in) Adan /i0ueroa
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