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English II-2016/17 Second Sending ENGLISH APELLIDOS: Lapuente Alegría 2º Bachillerato NOMBRE: David 2nd SENDING 2016/17 OBSERVACIONES: La tarea debe ser individual. Las tareas en blanco o semi-en- blanco no constarán como enviadas. READ THE TEXT AND ANSWER THE QUESTIONS Humans are pretty amazing animals. Not only have we managed to survive in various forms for 1 millions of years, but we
  English II-2016/17 Second Sending ENGLISH2º Bachillerato2 nd SENDING2016/17APELLIDOS La! ente Ale#r$aNO%B&E Da'id OBSE&(A)IONES : La tarea debe ser  individual. Las tareas en blanco o semi-en-blanco  no constarán como enviadas. &EAD *HE *E+* AND ANS,E& *HE -.ES*IONS Humans are pretty amazing animals. Not only have we managed to survive in various forms for 1 millions of years, but we have grown into a population of nearly 7 billion, distributed virtually all over the planet. And we've done it despite the fact that, compared with much of the rest of the animal kingdom, we are fairly fragile creatures. e are not particularly strong! we do not do very well without a regular supply of food and water! and we are vulnerable to a lot of infectious diseases.e have been able to succeed, for the most part, perhaps because of our highly developed brain and its ability to develop ingenious solutions to life threatening challenges. #odern humans have come to depend on a multitude of inventions in order to survive and one of the most important is antibiotics, a discovery of the twentieth century which has changed our lives.$or most of human history, almost everyone on the planet ran the risk of dying in epidemics of bacterial diseases. %ne such disease, the &lack (eath,& killed an estimated )** million people in the +th century alone. However, in the late +-)*s, a ondon physician named (r. Ale/ander $leming noticed that mould 0a greenish microorganism that grows with humidity and heat1 which had contaminated a 2etri dish prevented the growth of a pathogen he was studying. And, eventually, he became the first clinician to demonstrate the effectiveness of penicillin, a drug derived from mould, against bacterial disease in human patients. 3ince then, the use of penicillin and other antibiotics has dramatically reduced the number of deaths from certain once common diseases. 1 Are the entence tr e or ale3 - ote the e'idence  (2 marks) 1.- Over 200 million people died in the 14th century because of bacterial diseases. ). Fleming discovered that penicillin could be used to ght bacterial diseases in humans. 2 An4er the ollo4in# 5 etion accordin# to the inoration #i'en in the tet,here !oi8le9 e :o r o4n 4ord (3 marks) +. Why are human beings more special than the rest of animals ). What advantage of the brain is mentioned in the te!t 4. o# has the use of antibiotics a$ected human history ; <ind thee 4ord and e!reion in the tet (2 marks)   Delicate    ________________Susceptible _____________  Menace ________________Finally____________  = .e o En#lih (5 marks) 2º de Bachillerato  English II-2016/17 Second Sending 1. GI! A NO.N   I#$ #$! S%M! &''# %S >de'elo!? (erb). __________ 2. $I$ '&D D'!S *'# $%! #$! S%M! M!%*I*G+ .n4ell / ill / ic@ / 4ea@ .3. FI*D I* #$! #!,# '*! '&D $I$ $%S #$! F'--' I*G D!FI*I#I'*:  oeone @illed in edicine / ______________ 0. . # #$! '&D I* &%4!#S I*#' #$! '&&!# F'&M. ' I-- $%! #' S! &!FI,!S %*D6'& SFFI,!S. He ha a 'er: 4ide  o Arican aair CNO,He ha 8ecoe 8eca e he ha no tie to eercie ,EIGH* 5.   $''S! #$! &IG$# '#I'*: ,e #o or a 4al@ nle the 4eather i #ood  nle / 4hene'er*he reaon or the eaination   4ill   de!end on :o r :!to conit o /de!end on 7. FI-- I* #$! G% I#$ % '&&!# '#I'*: I  4ear a  it to 4or@ 8 t I  all: do 8. FI-- I* #$! G% '&&!#- I#$ #$! '&DS I* &%4!#S. She P&OBABL  BE 8ac@ in Se!te8er  9. 'M-!#! #$! S!*#!*!: A  pain in the neck   i oeone 4ho   . &!%D #$! F'--' I*G S!*#!*!S %*D D!ID! IF #$! !,-%*%#I'*S !-' %&! TRUE   ;r FALSE  :  I I @ne4 hi eail9 I 4o ld #i'e it to :o aI donFt @no4 hi eail tr e8I can #i'e :o hi eail ale  He 4onFt #o to !rion i he #et a #ood la4:er a He a: not #o to !rion ale8 He 4onFt #o to !rion tr e 1<. 'M-!#! #$! S!*#!*!S SI*G % $&%S%- !& a ,e    &.N  #ar o 4e had to #o to the  !erar@et to #et oe 8 He 4a too 8 : in the ornin#9 o he  P.* the eetin#  ntilthe aternoon &e!hrae thee tateent : (9 marks) 1. It isn=t necessary t>at y;u c;me t;m;rr;?;u @2. . I AiAn=t ;pen t>e A;;r because I AiAn=t kn;? it ?as y;u.IB I @3. >at a pity I AiAn=t see y;u last ?eek. 2º de Bachillerato  English II-2016/17 Second Sending I ?is> @0. #>e Bl;;A >as causeA a l;t ;B AamaCe. % l;t ;B AamaCe @5. &eaA t>e instructi;ns beB;re y;u s?itc> ;n t>e mac>ine/. $e saiA t; me.$e t;lA me @. 7. $;? l;nC >ae y;u >aA t>at pain+= E t>e A;ct;r askeA >er.#>e A;ct;r askeA @ 8. I can=t take y;u t; t>e stati;n t;Aay because y;ur Bat>er=s C;t t>e car=E my m;t>er saiA t; me.My m;t>er t;lA me @9. nless y;u l;;k aBter y;ur teet>E y;u=ll >ae pr;blems ?it> t>em. IB @ 2º de Bachillerato
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