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SERVICES BROCHURE PO BOX 680, Claremont, 6910, Western Australia COMPANY INFORMATION Total Radiation Solutions Pty Ltd (TRS) is
SERVICES BROCHURE PO BOX 680, Claremont, 6910, Western Australia COMPANY INFORMATION Total Radiation Solutions Pty Ltd (TRS) is a Western Australian company with a national focus, established to cater to the requirements of clients looking for professional, independent consultancy in all areas of radiation safety. To this end, we offer services and training to assist your company in the care and well being of staff and the community in their association with both ionising and non-ionising radiation. Our staff are highly trained and uncompromising in their standards of excellence and quality. Our consultants have many years of experience in consultancy and training and will provide services tailored to your requirements. Please peruse our list of services and take a little time to assess your requirements in relation to radiation safety. Our aim is to provide excellent service and care to our most valued asset - YOU. Page 2 SERVICES TRAINING CONSULTANCY SITE AUDITS RADIO COMMUNICATIONS SITE MANAGEMENT BOOK PUBLIC MEETINGS MEASUREMENTS RF EME MODELLING TRAINING TRS delivers an industry accredited (ACRBR) one day basic RF EME Awareness Training Course. This course is available either online or in the face to face format and can be held at your venue or a suitable training facility. All participants are examined and upon successful completion are issued a certificate. See page 8 for more detail. TRS can also offer an industry accredited (ACRBR) four day RF EME Measurement Officer Training Course held at either your venue or a suitable training facility. All participants are examined and upon successful completion are issued a certificate. See page 9 for more detail. CONSULTANCY Professional advice offered to clients on all aspects of ionising and nonionising radiation. Page 3 SITE AUDITS TRS can undertake full site audits of facilities in relation to equipment, OH&S requirements and compliance to standards. RADIO COMMUNICATIONS SITE MANAGEMENT BOOK TRS can produce the documentation suite required for site compliance, thus ensuring the safety for personnel accessing the site. Radio Communications Site Management Books (RCSMBs) encompass compliance to operating procedures; identification of equipment on site, site occupants contact details, equipment specifications; drawings of the structure, the emission patterns or plots, site access controls and details of required signage. RCSMBs can be produced with updates to relevant databases. PUBLIC MEETINGS Lectures, demonstrations and Q&A sessions can be held for the general public and community groups to allay any concerns or for general education. Page 4 MEASUREMENTS TRS holds National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accreditation - NATA laboratory - Accreditation No complying to ISO/IEC Standard RF and Microwave Radiation Hazard Measurement Measurement of electromagnetic fields in accordance with AS for compliance with ARPANSA Radiation Protection Standard (RPS 3); 1. Broadband measurements of E-fields in the range of 300kHz to 45.5 GHz (excluding radar and similar pulsed sources); 2. Broadband measurements of H-fields in the range 300 khz to 300 MHz. 3. Frequency selective measurements (Narrowband) of E-fields in the range 75 MHz to 3 GHz RF EME surveys can be completed to; 1. Identify any areas where access by RF workers or members of the general public may need to be restricted. 2. Determine RF EME levels in the general environment. These RF surveys are completed by an accredited RF Measurement Officer and are performed according to the principles laid out in the Australian Standard Radiofrequency Radiation Part 2 Principles and Methods of Measurement 300 khz to 100 GHz (AS ). Page 5 RF EME MODELLING TRS holds National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accreditation Type A Inspection Body - Accreditation No complying to AS/NZS ISO/IEC Standard Electromagnetic Fields Modelling Code: ACA Radiocommunications (Electromagnetic radiation human exposure) Standard 2003, as amended; ACMA Radiocommunications (Electromagnetic radiation human exposure) amendment standard 2007 No 1; ACMA Guidelines on the assessment of installations against electromagnetic radiation (EMR) exposure limits, Part 2 Predictions; ARPANSA Radiation protection Standard No. 3 Maximum Exposure Levels to Radiofrequency Fields 3 khz to 300GHz; ACIF C564 Deployment of Radiocommunications Infrastructure Modelling of electric and magnetic fields and equivalent power density from antennas and transmitters in the range: MHz to 60 GHz, MHz MHz for monopole (whip) antennas and single dipole antennas in selected configurations. The RF EME levels from a telecommunications facility can be assessed and analysed theoretically. These calculations are completed using specialised software that has been developed in line with current industry Page 6 practices and guidelines developed by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA). These predictions are specified by the Australian Communications Industry Forum (ACIF) Industry Code Deployment of Radiocommunications Infrastructure (ACIF C564:2004) and are an integral part of Development Applications (DA) prepared for various councils and production of the required compliance documentation. Page 7 RF EME AWARENESS TRAINING COURSE This course can be delivered online or face to face. RF EME Awareness Course Outline 1. Electromagnetic Fields 2. Biological Effects 3. Exposure Limits 4. Antenna Types 5. Personal Alarms 6. EME Protection and Safety 7. Radio Communications Site Management Book Course Objectives This course will ensure that workers who are potentially exposed to RF EME receive appropriate training and instruction in safe work practices and procedures and the controls in place to manage any potential RF hazard. This course aims to meet the requirement that RF workers must be trained in safe work practices, and supervised when appropriate. They must also be trained about the controls in place to manage the potential RF hazard. This requirement is part of the ARPANSA Radiation Protection Standard No. 3 Maximum Exposure Levels to Radiofrequency Fields 3 khz to 300GHz. Page 8 RF EME MEASUREMENT OFFICER TRAINING COURSE RF EME Measurement Officer Course Outline 1. Understand the regulators and regulations applicable to RF EME 2. Know the history associated with EMR protection 3. Understand the main biological effects of RF EME 4. Be able to apply the ARPANSA RPS 3 standard 5. Be able to apply AS for measurements 6. Undertake RF EME measurements safely 7. Production of suitable measurement reports Course Objectives This course is designed for persons who, in the course of and intrinsic to the nature of their work, are expected to undertake measurements of Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Energy (RF EME) fields. This course is aimed at ensuring that participants will have a comprehensive understanding of the principles applying to the practical measurement of complex RF EME fields. They will gain a deep understanding of the applicable limits and techniques, as detailed in ARPANSA RPS3, and will be able to apply those techniques and their limitations, as set out in AS2772.2, whilst undertaking RF EME measurements. The issues of safety during the measurement process and accounting for the various uncertainties inherent in the RF EME measurement process are also included as is the preparation of suitable report formats. Page 9
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