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  Shawn Peter Raul Mendes  (born August 8, 1998) is a Canadian singer-songwriter. He attracted a following in 2013, wen e began !osting song co ers on te ideo saring a!!lication #ine. $e following %ear, e caugt te attention of artist &anagers Andrew 'ertler and sland ecords A* +igg% Careton, wic led to i& signing a deal wit te record label.endes went on to release an  and is debut studio albu& Handwritten ,wose single /titces/ reaced te to! 10 in te  and Canada, and nu&ber one in teendes was born in  $oronto, ntario, te son of aren, a real estate agent, and anuel endes, a business&an, selling bar and restaurant su!!lies in $oronto. His fater is ortuguese (fro& te Algar e), 425  wile is &oter is nglis. endes was raised in ic6ering, ntario, were e attended ine idge econdar% cool. 435  . Career endes 7rst started !osting co er ideos on te !o!ular social ideo a!! #ine in 2013 and gained &illions of iews and followers in a few &onts, beco&ing well 6nown for is si-second sni!!ets of renditions of &an% !o!ular songs. % August 201:, e was te tird &ost-followed &usician on #ine. Artist &anager Andrew 'ertler disco ered endes online in  ;anuar% 201:, bringing i& to sland ecords were e e entuall% signed and released is 7rst single /<ife of te art%/ in ;une 201:. He beca&e te %oungest 1=-%ear-old artist to debut in te to! 2= wit a debut song on te  Billboard Hot 100, &a6ing it to nu&ber 2: for te wee6 ending  ;ul% 12, 201:. rior to is signing, endes toured as a &e&ber of te agCon $our   alongside oter %oung artists and social &edia sensations. endes was also on a nationwide tour wit Austin aone as an o!ening act, releasing is debut &a>or label  in ;ul%. $e  debuted and !ea6ed at nu&ber 7 e on Billboard 200, selling :8,000 co!ies in its 7rst wee6. He won te  $een Coice award in 201: for ?ebstar in usic. n A!ril 1:, 201=, endes released is full-lengt albu& Handwritten , wic debuted at nu&ber one on te Billboard   200 cart wit 119,000 e@ui alent albu& units, selling 10,000 co!ies in its 7rst wee6. Howe er, it suBered a 89 traditional sales decrease in its second wee6. $e tird single fro& te albu&, /titces/, !ea6ed at nu&ber four on te  Billboard Hot 100, beco&ing is 7rst to! 10 single in te , and reaced te to! !osition on te ainstrea& $o! :0 cart. $e song later reaced nu&ber one in te . endes recorded a song called /elie e/ for Disne% Cannel riginal o ie  Descendants . Also in 201=, endes o!ened for  $a%lor wift during 1989 ?orld $our dates for Eort A&erica. n late 201=, endes and Ca&ila Cabello fro& Fift Har&on% released teir collaborati e single / now ?at Gou Did <ast u&&er/. $e song  was included on endes Handwritten Revisited   reissue. He a!!eared on  $e C?s The 100  tird season !re&iere on ;anuar% 21, 201. He later announced is second world tour as a eadliner, wic will isit Eort A&erica and uro!e, starting in arc 201. endes signed wit &odeling agenc% ?ilel&ina odels in earl% 201.endes was listed a&ong Time' s $e 2= ost nIuential $eens in 201:   and 201=. He also &ade is 7rst a!!earance on a Forbes  list wit teir annual /30 nder 30/, for 201. endes released / $reat Gou etter/, te lead single fro& is second studioalbu& Illuminate , in ;une 201. $e single reaced te to! 10 on te Billboard   Hot 100, wile te albu& debuted at nu&ber one on te  Billboard 200 wit 1:=,000 e@ui alent albu& units, including 121,000 in !ure albu& sales. $e albu& fora% into /a soft classic-roc6 groo e/ in is new direction.
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