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  3/1/2017 Sometimes this : aww 1/22 search 16,807 remember me reset password  login username password Submit a new linkSubreddit rulesReddit 101Message the moderators Things that make you go AWW! ‐‐ likepuppies, bunnies, babies, and so on...Feel free to post pictures and videosof cute things. 16.8k Sometimes this  ( 3 hours ago by MaGuishi 327 comments share [–]  Daimo  921 points 3 hours ago no cat here, is only floofy toys. sorted by: best ∨      top 200 comments  show all 327 AWW   other discussions (2)comments  Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds.  3/1/2017 Sometimes this : aww 2/22 14,018,084 readers 12,508 users here now  unsubscribe Rules Click here for the FULL list of rules Check out our related subreddits Check out the /r/Aww subreddit of the week No sad content, such as pics of animalsthat have passed away try  /r/petloss   orsob stories e.g. found him in adumpster   . more ›No comics, captioned pictures try /r/lolcats   , or photos of just text. more ›No post titles asking for upvotes orapproval. more ›No slurs or harassing comments. more ›Posts must link to sites on our approvedlist.No NSFW/NSFL content. more ›No asking for donations, sponsorship oradoptions try  /r/care or  /r/assistance   .more ›No bots or bot‐like behavior. more ›No false claims of content ownership.more ›No social media links. more › 12345678910 permalink embed [–]  DaxRated  190 points an hour ago I had to go back and re-watch to make sure theactual stuffed animals weren't incognito as well. permalink embed parent [–]  Conneron  61 points an hour ago r/totallynotstuffedanimals permalink embed parent [–]  lifewontwait86  37 points 56 minutes ago Ahhh so misleading. This needs to exist. permalink embed parent [–]  thebitchboys  26 points 52 minutes ago* Someone recently made a similarsub. I think it's something like /r/petorstuffedanimal.Edit:  /r/petsorstuffedanimals! permalink embed parent [–]  springsoon  24 points 49 minutes ago* There was that one with the doghumping stuffed toysEdit  permalink embed parent [–]  韛ltedlens  15 points 45 minutesago sigh Link please permalink embed parent [–]  HippoAssCancer  26 points 42minutes ago unzip permalink embed parent [–]  tsnErd3141  2 points 36 minutesago You just had to bring that up,didn't you? permalink embed parent load more comments  (1 reply) [–]  ILoveLamp9  4 points 28 minutes ago  3/1/2017 Sometimes this : aww 3/22 message the moderators Please spay and neuter your pets!  While yournewborn pets are cute, failing to do this allowsyour little darlings to add to the population of homeless animals. Adopt pets from your localanimal rescues/shelters, there are plenty of animals just waiting for a home. MODERATORS carelessmoomookittyMrsRattPenguinTransport316nutsabsurdlyobfuscatedParakeetNippleMotha_Effin_Kitty_YoKRaidiumearthceltic ...and 9 more » permalink embed parent [–]  AyoBruh  2 points 49 minutes ago* Still both empty :/Edit: Nevermind :) permalink embed parent [–]  thebitchboys  1 point 34 minutesago Found it! See edit above. permalink embed parent [–]  kars韛n1812  2 points 42 minutes ago Read it as petor stuffed animal.I need a petor the stuffed animalTV show. permalink embed parent load more comments  (1 reply) [–]  thebitchboys  1 point 34 minutes ago  /r/petsorstuffedanimals permalink embed parent [–]  shiៈymorph  132 points 40 minutes ago* Unfortunately we could be upvoting theaftermath of a seizure. Cats tend to freeze inpositions like this after a seizure. It is importantto get your cat some help if this happens and doyour best not to panic even though it can be avery scary situation. Most seizures will stop aftera few minutes but you should still take your catto the vet. I learned all this the hard way backin nineteen ninety eight when the Undertakerthrew Mankind off Hell In A Cell, andplummeted sixteen feet through an announcer'stable. permalink embed parent [–]  einzigerai  27 points 38 minutes ago My god I saw the start of a shittymorph posta minute after being posted! permalink embed parent [–]  springsoon  7 points 26 minutes ago This one was especially good permalink embed parent [–]  ThumYorky  3 points 13 minutes ago 35.4k · 676 comments Pet sitting would be fun, they said.discussions in r/aww < > X  3/1/2017 Sometimes this : aww 4/22 The way (s)he sets their self apart isthat the posts are always very  relevant to the thread, going so far asto be actually pretty insightfulsometimes. It's beautiful work. permalink embed parent [–]  Godzalo75  13 points 38 minutes ago Oh my gosh every time Jesus Christ permalink embed parent [–]  Tonswick  6 points 34 minutes ago Dude the stories you come up with...all sounique! permalink embed parent [–]  WhimsicalBadger  6 points 34 minutes ago God damn it. permalink embed parent [–]  ponkyball  1 point 30 minutes ago Hah I just said that out loud when I gotto the last line, sigh. permalink embed parent [–]  The_Curious_Man  11 points 36 minutes ago You're not fooling me anymore. I amimmune now. permalink embed parent [–]  zorkdepork  3 points 37 minutes ago HA! I knew it was coming this time! permalink embed parent load more comments  (1 reply) [–]  fluffytoldme2  3 points 29 minutes ago This vet shows up in every thread with thisblurb permalink embed parent load more comments  (1 reply) [–]  SunstyIe  4 points 31 minutes ago I actually came to this thread thinking Ishould post something sad and turn it into ashittymorph thing about the Undertaker .Well done sir permalink embed parent
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