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   To our energetic group commander col Lubaton, sgt major, frst sgt,instructors, the incoming and outgoing trainees, ladies and gentlemen a pleasantmorning to everyone. Welcome to the Joint ceremony o the opening o Airborneground profciency training and the closing ceremony o instructors’ orientationtraining. t is certainly an activity o ! #W to conduct this $ind o program theAirborne rofciency training %uarterly, in order to ortiy, enhance and improve thecapability o all para troopers or e&ective and competent result especially inmisortune and air con'ict(fght that occur. The ! #W also fnd methods and otherresources in order to orbid rom any tremendous incident that )ill happen again just )hat had happen in !ubic, the previous conduct o *ali$atan . We no) see to itthat every move o our paratroopers )ould mean e+traordinary rom any otherservices in Armed orces o the hils. We made an addition training s$ills or thisthe- Water Landing-. t )ill really help a lot or everyone’s )elare.n the other hand, )e have also the closing ceremony o nstructor#rientation Training. t is very tough to be called as instructor i youre not the one.An instructors that abide the imposed A la) and al)ays bears in heart our mottotrained hard, fght to )in. As instructors you must put in action all the $no)ledgegiven to you and parta$e rom your training instructors. Act as a model and a goode+ample to subordinates. ood luc$ to each and everyone. /ay all the learnings impart to you )illbe treasured and applied or the benefts o all. #nce again than$ you and goodmorning..
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