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  Nathalia Liezle S. Roberto MAN 003BSA | AC32FB2 Mrs. Mariel Jagurin A Privilege Speech Mr. E!in La iera#$ a% ee&l' tou he !ith ho! 'ou u&hol 'our res&e t to !o%en# regaring 'our letter to Ms. Leila(e Li%a. $ go along !ith 'ou !hen 'ou sai# )Ma'be this is the ne! ethi s that &er*aes our lan.+ ,his%a' be the ne! ethi s# but on-t 'ou thin 'ou are o%itting the &ossible bene/its that it oul gi*e to ournation As $ re*ie! 'our letter# $ noti e ho! Ms. (e Li%a-s gener %attere on ho! 'ou res&one on this ontro*ersial argu%ent. Change has o%e# 'es1 but not !here !o%en are insulte or threatene# but !here !o%en are treate !ith !hat the' eser*e# the sa%e !a' as to %en. Change has o%e !heregener eualit' has begun.$-% not on luing that !hat resient (uterte i to Ms. Leila (e Li%a !as a e&table. $-% alsonot sa'ing that Leila is not guilt'. $-% 4ust sa'ing !itnesses sho!e the%sel*es1 !h' not in*estigate this inlieu o/ our la! $sn-t better i/ !e o%&l' !ith ue &ro ess At least at the en o/ the in*estigation# !e-ll beable to no! !ho are the one taling nonsense an the one telling the truth. ,hen the Su&re%e Court anla' o!n their *eri t.$ a%it resient (uterte o%%its %istaes as !ell. $/ !e !ere to s rutinize the &er/or%an e o/ ourresient e*er sin e he too o//i e on June 30# %an' elebrities are using rugs but the arrests are not*iolent. ,he &oor ones ene in *iolent eaths. 5o*ern%ent o//i ials ha*e a han e to e/en the%sel*es.,here6s a lot o/ uestion to !hat is ha&&ening no!. 7e %a' ha*e &rou e a hie*e%ents o*er his !ar onrugs a%&aign# but he has also sho!e /ailure on his %eans to attain the sai su ess.8n Leila (e Li%a-s *ieo %essage# she sai# ),he /iling o/ ri%inal ases against %e is onl' the/ul/ill%ent o/ Mr. (uterte-s /i9ation /or re*enge against %e# be ause o/ %' in*estigation o/ the (a*ao (eathSua !hen $ !as the hair!o%an o/ the Co%%ission on 7u%an Rights#+ re/erring to the 200: &robe o/e9tra4ui ial illings in (a*ao uring Mr. (uterte-s ter% as %a'or o/ the it'. Clearl'# Ms. (e Li%a is on luing that resient (uterte-s re*enge is one o/ the reasons !h' she has to unergo this &erse ution.For %e# regarless i/ onsiere re*enge or not# she shoul bear !ith ue &ro ess o/ la! i/ she a te ontrar' to our la!# &ro*ie it !as 4ui iall' &ro*en.  So%e &eo&le belie*e in ar%a an so%e on-t1 &ersonall' $ o. An i/ $ !ere to onsier %' belie/#$ an re all last No*e%ber 20;;# !hen (e Li%a barre the Arro'os /ro% lea*ing the ountr' /or the /or%er&resient to see %ei al treat%ent. ,he ou&le !as uner &reli%inar' in*estigation /or their allegein*ol*e%ent in the re&orte heating in the 200< senatorial &olls. ,hat %ight be a reason /or (e Li%a-sar%a. Again# this is 4ust to onsier %' o!n belie/. $-% neither o&&osing nor su&&orting the Regional ,rialCourt-s a tion to!ars (e Li%a. But i/ &ro*en that she-s guilt'# she shoul be &unishe1 regarless o/ hergener. ,here-s no roo% /or gener sensiti*it' in this issue# es&e iall' !hen in o&&osition to our la!.Be/ore $ en %' arti ulation# $ !oul lie to lea*e a si%&le 'et %eaning/ul &assage /ro% our *er'o!n resient# )7u%an rights %ust !or to u&li/t hu%an ignit'. 7u%an rights an-t be use to use as ane9 use to estro' the ountr'.+ More so# $- lie to li*e !ith )Fe%inis% %ust !or to u&li/t gener sensiti*it'.Fe%inis% an-t be use as an e9 use to obliterate the la!.+$t-s been a &leasure e9&ressing %' thoughts !ith regars to this argu%ent. ,han 'ou an ha*e ani e a'=  De Lima: I won’t be silenced R88F 8F L$FE Mug shot o/ Sen. Leila e Li%a taen uring her booing at &oli e heauarters in Ca%&Cra%e a/ter her arrest on rug harges on Fria'. FR8M 8L$CE S8>RCESSen. Leila e Li%a i not go uietl'.)$/ the' thin the' an silen e %e# i/ the' thin $ !ill no longer /ight the /ight $-*e been !aging# es&e iall' /or thetruth# an the &erse ution o/ the (uterte regi%e# it is %' honor to be 4aile /or !hat $ a% /ighting /or. lease 4ust &ra' /or %e#+ she tol re&orters as she !as about to be hane o*er b' Senate se urit' to &oli e%en !hoha !aite all night !ith a !arrant to arrest her on rug harges.),hese are all lies. ,he truth !ill o%e out an $ !ill a hie*e 4usti e. $ a% inno ent#+ she sai. )Fight# Leila=+ relati*es# /riens an su&&orters shoute as (e Li%a %ae her !a' o!n /ro% her /i/th?/looro//i e in the Senate builing# an !as &ut aboar a &oli e oaster that !oul tae her to hili&&ine Nationaloli e heauarters in Ca%& Cra%e# @uezon Cit'# /or booing.$t !as 4ust &ast  a.%. on Fria'# t!o hours earlier than the hano*er ti%e agree bet!een the Senatese urit' an o//i ers /ro% the N Cri%inal $n*estigation an (ete tion 5rou&# %other unit o/ the &oli e%en !ho shot an ille e9e ution?st'le a %a'or etaine on rug harges in a Le'te 4ail last No*. . Drug charges (e Li%a# <# !as arreste Fria' on rug tra//i ing harges she insiste !ere %anu/a ture to silen e hero&&osition to resient (uterte-s brutal !ar on rugs# !hi h has lai%e the li*es o/ %ore than <#00 &eo&lein eight %onths.Juge Juanita 5uerrero o/ Muntinlu&a Cit' Regional ,rial Court Bran h 20D# !ith !ho% (e Li%a# as 4usti ese retar'# tussle o*er a rug ase in 20;;# orere the senator-s arrest on ,hursa'.Also orere arreste on the sa%e !arrant !ere (e Li%a-s /or%er ri*er# bo'guar an allege bag%an#Ronnie (a'an# an /or%er Bureau o/ Corre tions hie/ Ra/ael Ragos.  (a'an !as arreste in his ho%e in >rbiztono# angasinan &ro*in e# late ,hursa'. Ragos ha ase /ore/er%ent o/ his arrest.An hour a/ter (e Li%a-s *oluntar' surrener# her o//i e release a *ieo %essage to her su&&orters an thenation# !hi h her sta// sai !as /il%e on enesa' in anti i&ation o/ her arrest. Video message $n the *ieo# the senator insists she is inno ent o/ the rug harges.)$ ha*e ne*er betra'e an $ !ill ne*er betra' the trust o/ %' ountr' an the Fili&ino &eo&le#+ (e Li%a sa's#a using the (uterte a%inistration o/ %aing )an e9a%&le o/ %e to inti%iate# silen e an estro' an'one !ho ares hallenge the%# to ra! &ubli attention a!a' /ro% the go*ern%ent-s abuses an /ailures# an to o*er u& their %ost %urerous !ar on rugs.+)$/ the' thin thatG b' 4ailing %e# $ !ill turn %' ba  on %' &rin i&les# the' are %istaen. $nstea# the' ha*een ourage %e %ore to &ursue truth an 4usti e#+ she sa's.,he %essage ontains s athing re%ars about Mr. (uterte# !ho% she alls )the %aster%in o/ the /iling o/ ases against %e.+),he /iling o/ ri%inal ases against %e is onl' the /ul/ill%ent o/ Mr. (uterte-s /i9ation /or re*enge against %e#be ause o/ %' in*estigation o/ the (a*ao (eath Sua !hen $ !as the hair!o%an o/ the Co%%ission on7u%an Rights#+ she sa's# re/erring to the 200: &robe o/ e9tra4ui ial illings in (a*ao uring Mr. (uterte-ster% as %a'or o/ the it'.She sa's Mr. (uterte a ts on a !hi%# !hi h she alls )i%&unit'#+ an tra es to his ti%e as %a'or o/ (a*ao# !hen he is o*ere that )he oul ill !ithout a ountabilit'.+),ruth is# e*en though he has ille o*er ;#000 in (a*ao an o*er <#000 throughout the hili&&ines !ith hiseath suas an rogue &oli e# he has 'et to &a' /or it uner the la!#+ she sa's. He will ‘pa soon’
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