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Stadiums and Sporting Venues - Going Digital and more
    Stadiums and Sporting Venues Going Digital  –  White Paper May 2016 Contact:  Chris Grundy E | T  020 7438 1664  Al Ain Stadium © Dennis Gilbert    Stadiums and Sporting Venues, Going Digital  –  White Paper   2 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY GOING DIGITAL Information technology (IT) and audio-visual (AV) systems are critical to delivering and engaging supporter experience. Advances in mobile technology enable stadiums and other sporting venues to create and sustain a deeper and more profitable relationship with the fan base. Smart phone ownership provides the opportunity for developing the relationship but also creates the demand for content. If you are not providing the content to engage the fans someone else will. In this whitepaper we outline how digital (IT & AV) technology contributes to the fan experience and our approach to delivering solutions for stadiums and other sporting venues. We provide a summary of our recent work in stadiums and other sporting venues in the UK and overseas. Our approach is essentially pragmatic, helping our clients to select and integrate best-of-breed technology into the built environment that is effective, reliable and easy to maintain. Twickenham Rugby Stadium, UK Al Ain Football Club, Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium, UAE    Stadiums and Sporting Venues, Going Digital  –  White Paper   3 CONTENTS Delivering The Stadium Experience ........................... 4 Selecting Appropriate Technology ............................ 5 Relevant Experience .................................................. 11 Lingfield Park © Construct Media 4-star Marriott hotel sits within Lingfield Park Racecourse      Stadiums and Sporting Venues, Going Digital  –  White Paper   4 DELIVERING THE STADIUM EXPERIENCE KNOW YOUR FAN BASE To engage with fans, stadiums need to offer something that the fan values  –  that might be streaming live video of the game to their smart phones from 8 different camera angles, and an app that allows them to rewind the action from any point. If the content is interesting enough fans will register with the stadium, download the app and stay connected. SMART PHONES Mobile phone providers have a track record of sport sponsorship but can also do much more. 3G / 4G reinforcement at the stadium or other sporting venue needs to be able to support hundreds or thousands of calls before, during and after a game. Providing the mobile operators with equipment space, and providing access to electrical power and antenna locations can form part of a sponsorship deal. The mobile operator will use its own funds to supply and install the equipment and contribute to sponsorship funding. The 3G / 4G reinforcement based on pico cells within the stadium helps maintain good relationships with other businesses and residents living near the stadium who, no longer suffer from mobile coverage being swamped on match days. HIGH DENSITY WI-FI There is a limit to the amount of traffic that any 3G / 4G (mobile) network can carry and fans will not want to use up their monthly data allowance with live video. With a smart phone, the bulk of the image / streamed video can be handed off to a Wi-Fi network. The Wi-Fi also provides the main channel for communication with fans offering the possibility of selling tickets to future games, promoting merchandise and making food and beverage offers. Wi-Fi handled well and used in conjunction with IPTV displays can encourage fans to arrive earlier for the game, stay longer and spend more. O2 Mobile data use in Olympic Stadium 6-9 Aug In Bowl High Density Wi-Fi
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