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Amanda M.Arch applic ant Darmosaputro fall / 201 7 2 National Gallery, SIngapore Amanda Darmosaputro Life experiences stemming from my oscillation between different (and sometimes University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign conflicting) communities and cultures have fueled my desire for involvement in B.S. Civi
  AmandaDarmosaputro M.Arch applicantfall / 2017         2 Amanda Darmosaputro University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignB.S. Civil Engineering (Structures), 2017Minor in Architectural Studies504 Berwick CourtSchaumburg, Illinois (773) 537 8309Life experiences stemming from my oscillation between different (and sometimes conflicting) communities and cultures have fueled my desire for involvement in work that is universal and capable of servicing people regardless of their back-ground or status.Although structural engineering has the honorable responsibility of designing to protect and sustain human lives, it alone cannot address the more intangible aspects of our society. While engineering designs for human beings, architecture designs for people.This is the root of my motivation to pursue architecture. National Gallery, SIngapore   3   contents 4710131719  ACADEMIC WORK   civilized jungle pinned rotations digitizing the transportation building NON-ACADEMIC WORK   HVAC system for multi-family housing  entry for Race to Zero 2016 competition  outdoor museum display  PERSONAL WORK   photographs organized into several compilations         4 This project was done as a final project for the design studio I took for my minor in architectural studies. We were prompted to design an abstract spatial construct. Emphasis was placed on concept-based design.My design aims to challenge the notion that the structure of an entity, although vital to its existence, is an obstruction to its beauty. Inspired by scaffolding, simple structural elements are joined into modular units which are repeated to assemble a form that is complex, yet clean and orderly. The resulting skeleton is exposed rather than concealed to demonstrate its potential as an aesthetic component.The project duration was 5 weeks, with each week dedicated to a specific task (concept development, construction of study models, construction of final scaled model, hand-drafted drawings).individual project for Graphics for Architects*fall 2016instructed by David Emmons and Andrea Melgarejo de Berry *first course in studio sequence at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign civilized jungle
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