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Supply & Demand Webquest Name_______________________________________________Date___________Hour____ ___ 1. Watch this video about Pepsi Vs. Coke. People are blindfolded and asked to guess which can of pop is Pepsi and which one is Coke. a. Based on this video are Pepsi and Coke substitute goods or complementary goods? b. What are some examples that you see in the video about advertising? 2. Go to this website about the
  Supply & Demand WebquestName_______________________________________________Date___________Hour____  ___ 1.Watch this video about Pepsi Vs. o!e. People are blind olded and as!ed to #uess $hich can o pop is Pepsi and $hich one is o!e.a.%ased on this video are Pepsi and o!e substitute #oods or complementary #oodsb.What are some e'amples that you see in the video about advertisin#(.)o to this $ebsite about the top 1* richest entrepreneurs in the $orld and ans$er the ollo$in# questions.a.%e ore readin# the list+ $ho do you thin! is considered the richestentrepreneur on the list b.,his list includes - o the top  people on /orbes0 list o the richest people in the $orld. Who do you thin! mi#ht be in the top that0s not an entrepreneur  ter you0ve #uessed loo! up the ans$er here and $rite do$n $hy they0re in the top c.2ichael %loomber# 3456 is the ormer mayor o Ne$ 7or! ity. %ased on the in ormation you read in his quic! bio+ $hat $as a problem he tried to solve8.)o to the 9ic!starter $ebsite+ a $ebsite that allo$s people to und pro:ects rom entrepreneurs all around the $orld.a.lic! on ;e'plore< in the top le t corner+ choose a cate#ory you =nd interestin#+ and $rite do$n a pro:ect that you0d invest in i you had the money. Ho$ much money is the pro:ect tryin# to raise Ho$ much have they raised Why do you thin! they can succeed  b./ind another pro:ect on 9ic!starter that you0d support i you could and ans$er the same questions as above. Ho$ much money are they tryin# to raise+ ho$ much have they raised+ and $hy do you thin! they can succeed-.Watch this video about supply and demand until ->1*a.What is the term mentioned in the video or $hen there are morebuyers than there are sellers 32ore demand than supply6 What about $hen there are more sellers than buyers 32ore supply thandemand6b.,he e'ample movie used in the clip is ?ndiana @ones. What other movies have e'amples o supply and demand in them Where doyou see supply and demand in the movies you chose.Watch this video created by ;@ust A$n ?tB< about ho$ to ma!e a business plan.a.What is some o the advice that Natalie #ives about ma!in# a business planb.What part o the business model canvas that is tal!ed about in the video ocuses on the ;tar#et mar!et< section that $ill be on your business plan5.Cead throu#h these  tips or presentin# a ne$ business plan. ,hese tips $ill #ive you a #ood idea or $hat to thin! about $hen you0re creatin# your o$n business plan.  a.Which o these tips do you eel $ill be the most help ul $hen it comes to creatin# your o$n business plan WhyE.Cead this article about the rise o demand or e'orcists in the Fnited States+ up until the section about ;Pa#an activities in ull orce in FS.<a.,he article is $ritten about the increase in demand or e'orcisms+is there any mention o the supply o e'orcists ? so+ $hat is happenin# to the supplyb.What are some o the actors that are listed as reasons or the increase in demand or e'orcisms Do any o them ali#n $ith reasons rom chapter 8 about $hy demand $ould chan#e.Cead this article about the decreasin# amounts o chocolate in the $orld.a.What are some o the causes or the decline in the supply o chocolateb.What are some o the eGects o the decline in the supply o chocolate .  ,a!e a loo! at this comic that includes both #overnment re#ulation andentrepreneurship. No questions here+ :ust entertainment.
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