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  COMPUTER BASED DESIGN OF BUILDINGSTRAINING SYLLABUS Course Description: In this training, the participants will be trained to undertake a hands-on design of an actual building. They will learn to create and use EXCE design spreadsheets, use !T D for structural analysis and #C C$ software for the design of colu%ns. They should preferably bring their own laptops for the hands-on part of the design. The trainees will be assigned a building design pro&ect and are also e'pected to do ho%ework to co%plete the pro&ect.!chedule: Ten alternate !undays ():** a.%. to +:**p.%.. If there are aailable holidays, the training %ay be transferred fro% the !unday schedule to the aailable holiday upon consultation with the trainees aailability. Training /ee: Includes air-conditioned enue, food (0u1et lunch and two snacks and copies of EXCE Design !preadsheets.2eference: 3ational !tructural Code of the #hilippines, 4ol. 5, 0uildings and $ther 4ertical !tructures, 6*5* Edition5.Day 5a.Introduction b.#ro&ect 0uildingc.Design Criteria6.Day 6 (!T D for 0uildingsa.!T D 2efresher Courseb. dance topics in !T D7.Day 7a.Design of 2oof !yste%b.Design of !tairs8.Day 8 (/loor !yste%a.!labsb.!tringers9.Day 9 (/ra%e nalysisa.oad Calculationsi.Dead oadsii.ie oadsiii.Earthuake oads+.Day + (/ra%e nalysisa.!T Db.Interface between EXCE and C D with !T D;.Day ; (0ea% Designa.0ea% Design /orces (Interface between !T D and EXCEb.Design of 0ea%s  <.Day < (Colu%n Designa.Colu%n Design /orces (Interface between !T D and EXCEb.Design of Colu%ns (EXCE = #C C$ ).Day ) (!hear >alls and ?ointsa.Design of !hear >allsb.Design of ?oints5*.Day 5* (/oundationsa./ooting Design /orces (Interface between !T D and EXCEb.Design of !pread /ootings
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