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My Teaching Philosophy Introduction I am Ariel Williams, and I am a pre-service teacher. I currently attend University of Northern Iowa (UNI), majoring in Elementary and Middle Level Education and minoring in Instructional Strategist I. I hope to teach at the third grade level or as an Instructional Strategist I teacher at the elementary level upon graduation. As a little girl, I have always wanted to be a teacher, but my dream was solidified a
  My Teaching PhilosophyIntroduction I am Ariel Williams, and I am a pre-service teacher. I currently attend University of  Northern Iowa (UNI), majorin in !lementary and iddle #evel !ducation and minorin in Instructional $trateist I. I hope to teach at the third rade level or as an Instructional $trateist I teacher at the elementary level upon raduation. As a little irl, I have always wanted to %e a teacher, %ut my dream was solidified after volunteerin in a first rade classroom my senior year of hih school. I have always loved learnin and had a passion for wor&in with &ids. 'eachin was the perfect fit. If I ma&e a difference in the life of one of my students, I will have met my oal for teachin. I want to inspire my students to %e the %est version of themselves and to always wor& hard in ma&in their dreams a reality. !very teacher is oin to have their own  position on teachin philosophies, and in this paper I hope to clearly communicate what I  %elieve. I have alined my %eliefs to the Interstate New 'eacher Assessment and $upport onsortium (IN'A$) standards. I hope this ives a small limpse of my future classroom and teachin style. INTASC Standard #1: Learner Developent 'he students in my classroom are the reason why I show up to teach every day. y students are oin to have different strenths and interests, and I %elieve that these strenths and interests should %e used to create developmentally appropriate instructional activities. or e*ample, %efore a unit %eins I want to assess the students+ current performance and as& their opinions on what and how they would li&e to learn. If students %elieve they contri%uted to the learnin oal, then they are more li&ely to ta&e responsi%ility and pride in their learnin. $ince every student learns at a different rate, I am oin to constantly chec& understandin and develop  lesson plans that reflect the students+ needs. I also thin& it is very important to colla%orate with families, colleaues, and other professionals to ma&e sure that every student has instruction that alin with their development. INTASC Standard #!: Learning Di erences  !very student that enters the classroom is oin to have different needs. I %elieve in ardner+s theory of multiple intelliences, and this means that I am oin to have different &indsof learners in my classroom. I li&e to ive students a survey to evaluate these different intelliences, and this allows me to present instructional strateies that meet their learnin style. 'here are also differences amon individual e*periences. I hope to create an inclusive classroom where students are a%le to share their different e*periences and use those e*periences as learnin tools. INTASC Standard #: Learning $nvironents I hope to create a safe and cooperative learnin environment. I want my students to have a sense of %elonin when they wal& throuh the door. ne way I want to do this is to have different colors and decorations around the room that will ma&e the classroom feel warm and comfortin. I want there to %e different center areas around the room that will foster individual and roup wor&. or e*ample, the des&s would %e rouped in pods to allow students to wor& colla%oratively throuhout the day. 'here will also %e a literacy center in the room where students can o for a uiet space to wor&. I want my students to have access to different supplies and learnin tools, so the materials such as manipulatives will %e openly placed in the room. I want my students to feel motivated %y the environment and want to use the different supplies andtools around the room to ma&e the most of their learnin. INTASC Standard #%: Content &no'ledge  'hrouhout my pre-service teachin career, I have ta&en courses to %roaden and deepen my understandin of the content that I will %e teachin students. In many of my content courses, I have %een a%le to identify common misconceptions that students may have and plan a stratey that will help correct those misconceptions. !very content area is oin to lend itself to different strateies such as de%ates and inuiry projects. I li&e to use these strateies to ive my students a deeper understandin of the content rather than just coverin the surface. I also li&e to use academic lanuae durin my lesson presentation, and I encourae students to use this lanuae as well. 'he content is one of the primary focuses of teachin, and I hope to ive students the most essential &nowlede they need in relation to the standards iven. INTASC Standard #(: Application o Content It is important for students to &now the content, %ut it is more important for them to %e a%le to apply that &nowlede to new and different conte*ts. ne way that I thin& this can %e doneis to create an interated unit across curriculum areas. or e*ample, in my !lementary urriculum course, I planned a thematic unit called /Around the World.0 In this unit, the four core su%ject areas were addressed and were connected %y the theme. 'his allowed the unit to flow across curriculum. nce students have the content &nowlede, I thin& it is important to wor& towards hiher order thin&in that alins with 1loom+s 'a*onomy. I want to challene my students throuh uestionin techniues and project %ased units to increase their critical thin&inand pro%lem solvin s&ills. INTASC Standard #): Assessent Assessment is one tool that I li&e to use to plan future instruction. 'he data that I ain from formative and summative assessments allows me to ma&e instructional decisions that are oin to %enefit and enhance student learnin. I have participated in teachin teams where data is   %rouht to the meetin to analy2e student proficiency and then used to determine ne*t steps in the curriculum. I thin& it is important that I am constantly assessin student understandin, especially durin instruction. I li&e to chec& for student understandin throuh e*it slips,  permanent products, or small roup o%servations. I also li&e to as& my students how they feel a%out the content material, so they have a chance to reflect upon what they+ve learned or what they need more e*planation on. I want to %e a data driven teacher %ecause the data that I receive is oin to support and drive my instructional decisions. INTASC Standard #*: Planning or Instruction When plannin instruction, I %elieve drawin on content &nowlede, pedaoy, and community conte*t is essential. 'he students in my classroom are oin to come from many different %ac&rounds, and they will %e %rinin many different e*periences. 1y connectin the content to the students+ interests and communities, I will %e a%le to relate the content to the students+ lives. I want my students to %e a%le to use their new &nowlede to impact the communities they contri%ute to. 'he learnin oals should %e %ased on the content &nowlede that I %elieve is essential for my students to ta&e away. I want to prepare my students for their future careers and help them %ecome &nowledea%le citi2ens who can ma&e a difference. 3ow I teach the content is oin to depend on the students+ needs. 'he pedaoy I choose to use should reflect the content %ein addressed, the interests of the students, and relate to the community conte*ts that are represented in the classroom. INTASC Standard #+: Instructional Strategies y students are oin to learn in a variety of ways. 'his means I am oin to use many instructional strateies that support the needs of students in the class. or e*ample, if I have a student that is a visual learner, it may %e %eneficial to have a pre2i, raphic orani2er, concept
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