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Highlights from a survey on the use of telemedicine from Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield.
  Telemedicine Survey Highlights  A Survey of Upstate New York, 2017  Survey Methods  Method and Design Excellus BCBS commissioned One Research to conduct an online survey of upstate New  York adults. Participants were recruited from a vendor panel by email invitation to take the survey between January 6 and January 19, 2017. Participants were not asked to disclose their health care provider. Survey respondents had to be at least 18 years old and living within the health plan’s 39 -county coverage area. County-level quotas were established to ensure the geographic distribution of the final sample would closely match the actual distribution of the general population The design of the study was cross-sectional. The survey instrument contained a brief screening, demographic questions and randomized questions on several health-related topics, including telemedicine. The survey was designed for self-completion via an online platform. In conducting the analysis, data were tested at a 95 percent confidence interval. 3  Participants 4 2,000 individuals from a 39-county region in upstate New York completed the survey. The demographics of the respondents indicate that the survey sample was representative of upstate New York adults. Participant Characteristics (n = 2,000) Region Western NY 31% Rochester/Finger Lakes 21% Central NY 16% Southern Tier 10% Utica/Rome/North Country 21% Sex Male 49% Female 51% Age 18-24 12% 25-34 18% 35-44 18% 45-54 20% 55-64 16% 65+ 17%
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