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Journal Critiquing
  University of Santo Tomas FACULTY OF PHARMACY DEPARTMENT OF MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY SEMINAR Dia!nosti Resear #Arti $e%Pa&er Tit$e'P (&o&)$ation*+ A (assessment* + C ( om&arison* + O (o)t ome%s*+ Dra, t#e onsort -ia!ram for t#is st)-y' 1  Criti a$ a&&raisa$ s.i$$s&ro!ram /)estions  YESNOComments 1   0as t#ere a $ear /)estion for t#e st)-y to a--ress1 2   0as t#ere a om&arison ,it# an a&&ro&riate referen e stan-ar- 3   Di- a$$ &atients !ett#e -ia!nosti test an- t#e referen e stan-ar-1 4   Co)$- t#e res)$ts of t#e test of interest #ave 2een in3)en e- 2y t#e res)$ts of t#e referen e stan-ar-1 (blinding) 5   Is t#e -isease stat)sof t#e teste- &o&)$ation $ear$y -es ri2e-1  HINTS: Presenting symptoms   Disease stage or  severity Co-morbidity   Differential diagnoses    2  Criti a$ a&&raisa$ s.i$$s&ro!ram /)estions  YESNOComments 6 0ere t#e met#o-s for &erformin! t#e test -es ri2e- in s)4 ient -etai$1  HINTS:  Was a protool follo!ed     0#at are t#e res)$ts1  HINTS: consider   Are the sensitivity and specifcityand/or likelihood ratios  presented?   Are the results  presented in such a way that we can work them out? #   Ho, s)re are ,e a2o)t t#ese res)$ts1 HINTS: consider Co$ld t%ey %ave  o$rred by %ane&   Are there confdencelimits W%at are t%ey&  '   Can t#e res)$ts 2e a&&$ie- to yo)r &atients%t#e &o&)$ation of interest1 3  Criti a$ a&&raisa$ s.i$$s&ro!ram /)estions  YESNOComments HINT: Do you think your  patients/population are so dierent !rom those in the study that the results cannot e applied? Such as a#e$ se%$ ethnicity& 1   Can t#e test 2e a&&$ie- to yo)r &atient or &o&)$ation of interest1  HINT:  %in* of reso$res and  opport$nity osts  'evel and availa ility o! e%pertise re(uired to interpret the tests C$rrent pratie and  availability of servies 11. 0ere a$$ o)t omes im&ortant to t#e in-ivi-)a$ or &o&)$ation onsi-ere-1  HINT:  )ill the knowled#e o! the test result improve  patient well ein#? Will t%e *no!ledge of  t%e test res$lt 56 0#at ,o)$- 2e t#e im&a t of )sin! t#is test on yo)r &atients%&o&)$ation1 4
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