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The Boarder
  Page 1 of 2 Governing Board President Eileen Jackson opened the meeting with a few words in honor of the memory of Terry Downey who passed away on February 22. Associate Superintendent Mary Jo Conery spoke of Terry’s fearlessness and passion as an educational leader. She embraced many challenges during her 34 years in CFSD. She served as a counselor, principal, and assistant/associate superintendent. Terry was involved with facility projects such as Ventana Vista, Esperero Canyon, High School, Valley View, and the Transportation Center. She was instrumental in the srcinal curriculum design of the high school program and its courses. We will miss her, but cherish the sweet memories of an extraordinary person. Super Volunteer Recognition The governing board recognized Dayna Anderson as a super volunteer. Board President Eileen Jackson reviewed the volunteer efforts of Ms. Anderson at Sunrise Drive Elementary School. Ms. Anderson serves as FFO Co-Treasurer and as Parking Lot Committee Chair. Her leadership and devotion to supporting a safe, student-centered environment exemplifies the part of the CFSD mission about “a caring, collaborative learning community.” Pima County School Board / Superintendent Collaborative Meeting Report Board Member Amy Krauss shared information and discussed highlights from the Pima County School Board/Superintendent Collaborative Meeting held on February 20. The meeting’s agenda focused on a legislative update and the developing A-F accountability system. 2017 Arizona Legislative /Governmental Activity There was no discussion. Study Session - District Operational Departments Assistant Superintendent Denise Bartlett reviewed the human resources’ key dates in the district’s hiring process. She provided an overview of the active recruitment of teachers, retirement deadlines, the Smartschoolsplus program, requesting a leave of absence, enrollment tracking, and creating projected enrollment that includes new open enrollment students. Also reviewed was the professional salary schedule, classified wage ranges, classified wage schedule, extra duty stipends, and CFSD benefit packages. Dr. Bartlett also provided information on the timeline for the first round of certified contracts, issuing contracts for administration, and the first round of approval for certified and classified new hires. Consent Agenda Items The governing board approved the following consent agenda items. ã   February 14, 2017, regular governing board meeting minutes ã   Expense voucher memorandum ã   Fund raising request memorandum ã   Personnel memorandum ã   Gift and Donations memorandum ã   Field trip request memorandum ã   Approval of updated estimate for FY2016-2017 cooperative purchases Upcoming Board Meeting The next regularly scheduled governing board meeting is Tuesday March 14, 2017, 6:30 p.m., at the P rofessional Learning Center at Valley View Early Learning Center.  The tentative agenda is: ã   CFSD Star Award ã   Executive Session for Discussion of Employee Terms of Employment    ! #$%%&'( )*+,'- ,. -/* 0*1'$&'( 234 2567 80#9 :,;*'<=<> ?,&'@ A**-=<> The Boarder  ! B$1C=D&-=,< .,' -/* 80#9 8,%%$<=-(    #$% 2 of 2   CFSD Please welcome new CFSD staff members: Megan Barney, Math Teacher, ECMS Sheldon Ham, Media/Graphics Teacher, CFHS Hayley Munoz, EA Classroom, VV Eileen Priest, Office Coordinator, CS
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