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The History of Eight Step Preying Mantis Kung Fu
  The History of Eight Step Preying Mantis Kung Fu :: View the Eight Step Mantis Lineage :: The history of the Preying Mantis Style of Kung-Fu (T'ang L'ang h'uan! egan in #i$ore ounty in the Shantung Pro%in&e uringthe Ming )ynasty (*+,-*,..!/ Fro$ the oral traition an the writings of later Mantis $asters we 0now that the founer an  patriar&h of the style was 1ang Lang/ 1ang Lang was the s$artestan $ost talente &hil of his fa$ily an fro$ an early age ha e%elope a great interest in the $artial arts/ He ha tra%elle wiely through hina to learn the %arious arts an soon e&a$e well 0nown for his s0ills/ )espite his $astery 1ang Lang felt that so$ething was $issing fro$ his te&hni2ue an e&ie to test hi$self/ 3s it is well 0now there were no etter $artial artists than those that were to e foun in the te$ples of Shaolin/ So uring the $i-3utu$n festi%al 1ang Lang set out for the Lao Shan $ountains to &hallenge the $on0s of the Shaolin Te$ple/ 4pon his arri%al the first thing he saw were taoist $on0s pra&ti&ing the art of o5ing in the $ain pla6a of the te$ple/ 1ang Lang &ounte so$e si5ty positions an styles that he ha ne%er seen efore/ Sensing that this was the perfe&t pla&eto test his a ilities he &hallenge the $on0s ut was ignore/ Ti$e an again he issue his &hallenge ut the silent $on0s woul ha%e no part of it/ 7t too0 $u&h ti$e an patien&e for 1ang Lang to persuae the $on0s at the te$ple to test hi$ ut e%entually they e&ie that he woul fight a lower le%el stuent/ 1ang Lang ha traine har for $any years an was &onfient in his a ilities/ This was the $o$ent he ha een waiting for/ The fight was set/ 1ang Lang an his opponent of the fa$ous Shaolin Te$ple were fa&e to fa&e/ 1ang Lang fought har an with great swiftness ut was efeate for the a ilities of the $on0 were far superior/ There was $u&h for hi$ to learn/ 1ang Lang returne ho$e/ )eter$ine an ei&ate he pra&ti&e %ery har/ 3fter two years of &ontinuous training 1ang Lang was in the est shape of his life/ The ti$e ha &o$e to test hi$self on&e again at the te$ple/ 1ang Lang returne to Shaolin $u&h $ore powerful an fier&e than efore/ 8n&e again he fa&e a stuent of the te$ple/ This ti$e 1ang Lang was %i&torious/ His rigorous training ha pai off an his i$pro%e$ent e&a$e $ore an $ore e%ient as he $o%e higher through the ran0s of $on0s/ 1ang Lang fought one $on0 after another until he was fa&e to fa&e with the hea a ot of the $onastery/ 1ang Lang ha fought $any fier&e opponents an ha pro%en hi$self a &ourageous fighter ut this was the true test/ 1ang Lang fought his est ut was easily eaten y the a ot/ Hu$iliate an a&hing 1ang Lang reali6e the epth of the a ot's $artial s0ills an i$$eiately left the te$ple/ He ha traine har ut ha%ing teste hi$self he reali6e he woul ha%e to ha%e $u&h etter te&hni2ue as well/ 3s Taoist $asters ha%e re&ogni6e the answers to $any 2uestions &an e foun in nature y those who o ser%e/ 7t was in 9ust this way that fate steppe in an &hange the life of 1ang Lang an the future of the $artial arts/ esting his tire oy 1ang Lang sat for a $o$ent near a willow tree on the wooe slopes of the Lao Shan $ountains/ 3s he ponere on his unsu&&essful fight an the reasons he lost it his $in &a$e to fo&us on his surrounings/ He hear so$e &urious souns whi&h gra e his attention/ Fining the sour&e of these souns 1ang Lang was a$a6e at the sight of two inse&ts attling for  their li%es--a &i&aa an a $u&h s$aller praying $antis/ The $o%e$ents of this praying $antis were astonishing/ 1ith its strong legs an a$a6ingly strong ar$s the $antis waite reay/ )rawing its opponent in then stri0ing with e%astating power an fast instin&ti%e $o%e$ents the $antis was a le to efeat its $u&h larger an fier&er opponent/ 1ang Lang ha is&o%ere the 0ey to what he ha een $issing/ 3stonishe y the s0ills of the inse&t 1ang Lang &apture the praying $antis an &arrie it with hi$ on his return ho$e/ Ha%ing uilt a &age for his new frien 1ang Lang ha e&ie to 0eep the $antis an stuy it;s $o%e$ents/ 4sing &hop sti&0s 1ang Lang spent $u&h of his ti$e attling with his tiny opponent an %ery &arefully wat&he to see whi&h a&tions the $antis woul ta0e in orer to efen itself/ 1ang Lang too0 these te&hni2ues an in&orporate the$ into his training/ Ha%ing learne the te&hni2ues of the Preying Mantis an ha%ing traine $u&h harer 1ang Lang felt the ti$e ha &o$e to test hi$self on&e again/ 1ang Lang &oul not forget the eating he ha re&ei%e last ti$e ut he was ei&ate to truly  perfe&ting his s0ills/ His efeat was all the $ore reason to return an it was further e%ien&e he hainee &hosen a worthy test/ 1ang Lang returne on&e $ore to the Shaolin Te$ple/ The $on0s re&ogni6e 1ang Lang an agree that he shoul e a le to test his s0ills/ 8n&e again he stoo fa&e to fa&e with the hea a ot of Shaolin Te$ple ut this ti$e 1ang Lang was %i&torious/ E%eryone was perple5e y this strange new for$ of fighting/ How i he learn su&h s0ills where ha they &o$e fro$ they as0e/ 1ang Lang ha efeate so$e of the Shaolin Te$ple's $ost fier&e $on0s ut now he ha fa&e the fier&est an $ost s0illful of all an ha eaten hi$/ The $on0s &oul harly elie%e what they ha seen/ They &oul not let 1ang Lang lea%e until they too learne these te&hni2ues/ 1ang Lang i not want to stay with the Shaolin $on0s so he left 2uietly in the night/ The $on0s were left only with the $e$ories of what they ha seen 1ang Lang use/ <a&0 ho$e again 1ang Lang &ontinue his training/ He ha is&o%ere a %ery effe&ti%e style ut wasn't a out to lea%e it at that/ 1ang Lang ha fought $any opponents in his lifeti$e an now he ha fa&e the est in the worl/ 1ang Lang now ha the e5perien&e neee to e%elop an refine a fighting style that woul e effe&ti%e o%er any style or le%el of fighter/ 1ang Lang then ei&ate hi$self to further e%elop the Preying Mantis syste$ of fighting throughout his lifeti$e/ 3lthough his Preying Mantis te&hni2ues were %ery effe&ti%e 1ang Lang reali6e a large part of his failure in his first fight with the hea a ot of the Shaolin Te$ple was ue to a la&0 of footwor0/ 8n&e again an answer was to e foun in nature/ arefully loo0ing for the for the stepping te&hni2ues neee to &o$plete his syste$ 1ang Lang is&o%ere the fast an e&epti%e footwor0 of the $on0ey/ Their $o%e$ents were swift an agile s0illful an tri&0y/ The stepping an 9u$pingte&hni2ues of the $on0ey were a %ery effe&ti%e aition to what 1ang Lang ha e%elope so he e&ie that he woul in&orporate the$/ )uring the rest of his life 1ang Lang further refine his Preying Mantis te&hni2ues until it was easily &onsiere one of the $ost effe&ti%e an fier&e $artialarts styles that ha e%er een seen/ The art of Preying Mantis ha e&o$e %ery fa$ous e%eryone ha hear of its in&rei le effe&ti%eness an $any sought to learn ut espite all this the Preying Mantis syste$ was 0ept %eryse&ret/ 3l$ost no one saw the te&hni2ues perfor$e an little was hear other than the legenary stories an a&&ounts of great $en perfor$ing this elusi%e an se&ret style of fighting/ Many years   passe efore in Tai ity uring the *=='s >#host Hans> appeare/ hiang Hua Long was the ?th generation $aster of the Preying Mantis syste$/ <efore hi$ $u&h of this art for$ was shroue in $ystery/ 1ith his appearan&e people woul again $ar%el at s0ills that ha only een rea$t of/ Fa$ous for his lightning fast hans >#host Hans> e&a$e a %ery pro$inent figure in hinese history/ @ot only i hiang Hua Long  posses great s0ills as a $artial artist ut he pro%e to e a person with thehighest of $orals as well/ Ta0ing fro$ the ri&h to istri ute to the poor it is easy to see si$ilarities etween hiang Hua Long an o in Hoo/ hiang Hua Long's &ourageous an selfless a&ts won hi$ the lo%e an a$iration of the hinese people/ His $astery of the Preying Mantis syste$ won hi$ the respe&t of $artial artist e%erywhere an the fear of his ene$ies/ To uphol his responsi ility as #ran$aster of the style hiang Hua Long &oul ne%er e short sighte/ The %ery energeti& 9u$ping style of the $on0ey footwor0 was %ery effe&ti%e ut it re2uirea great eal of energy/ hiang Hua Long reali6e that if he were to li%e up to his o ligations he woul ha%e to $aintain his fighting a ilities well into his ol age/ He woul ha%e to &reate a new syste$ of footwor0 that woul use energy effi&iently ut also $aintain the Mantis;s e%astating effe&ti%eness/ hanging the Mantis syste$ was not to e ta0en lightly ut as #ran$aster he was responsi le for strengthening any wea0nesses/ <eing well respe&te y the $asters of the $artial arts throughout hina hiang Hua Long was in an a%antageous position/ Tra%eling throughout hina hiang Hua Long $et with $asters of $anystyles/ To ha%e su&h a $an as hiang Hua Long as0 a out their te&hni2ues was a great honor/ The $asters of $artial art's $ost effe&ti%e syste$s openly share their te&hni2ues an se&rets with hi$/ hiang Hua Long stuie the footwor0 of $any styles su&h as <agua an To$ Pei/ He spent a greateal of ti$e stuying an e5peri$enting with ea&h $o%e$ent/ Ha%ing an in&rei le a$ount of e5perien&e applying his s0ills hiang Hua Long 0new what woul e an i$pro%e$ent an what woul si$ply e &hange/ Very &arefully he &onsiere ea&h te&hni2ue until after ten years he ha narrowe own the $ost effe&ti%e to eight short an eight long steps/ hiang Hua Long ha ta0en one of the %ery $ost effe&ti%e fighting syste$s in the worl an was a le to i$pro%e it/ The Eight Step Preying Mantis syste$ ha een orn/ 3lthough the Preying Mantis syste$ was %ery fa$ous nothing was yet to e 0nown a out hiang Hua Long's inno%ations/ The te&hni2ues of the Preying Mantis ha een 0ept se&ret for &enturies/ hiang Hua Long ha a great $any ei&ate stuents/ 7f this new syste$ were to e passe on hiang Hua Long woul ha%e to fin a is&iple that was worthy an a le/ The &ity of Aan Ti in the pro%in&e of Shantung was the ho$e to Fong Hua Ai/ He ha stuie Shuai hiao an Eagle law an ha e&o$e well 0nown as a powerful fighter/ Fong Hua Ai was a &onfient young $anB he traine har an ha won $any fights/ 7t was a real sho&0 for hi$ when a frien of his was a le to efeat hi$/ This frien stuie Preying Mantis uner a stuent of hiang Hua Long/ Fong Hua Ai egge his frien to share his te&hni2ues ut he refuse/ 7f he were to learn the te&hni2ues he woul ha%e to go to the sour&e/ Fong Hua Ai went straight away to the s&hool of hiang Hua Long/ 7f there was a stuent that &oul eat hi$ he woul ha%e to learn the te&hni2ues/  3t that ti$e 9oining a s&hool was $ore than registering an paying tuition/ 7t was ne&essary to  pro%e your ei&ation efore eing a&&epte/ Fong Hua Ai went through a lot of trou le to 9oin/ 8n&e he was allowe into hiang Hua Long's s&hool it was still ne&essary for hi$ to pro%e that he was a ei&ate stuent/ He spent si5 years wor0ing at the s&hool &leaning an &oo0ing an was only allowe to parti&ipate in the asi& physi&al rills/ Then finally hiang Hua Long too0 spe&ial noti&e of Fong Hua Ai/ Fong Hua Ai ha traine har an was ei&ateB it ha e&o$e e%ient thathe was worthy to egin learning uner hiang Hua Long's tutelage/ hiang Hua Long ha so$ething %ery spe&ial in $in for his young stuent/ He was to e the first to learn the new Eight Step Preying Mantis/ Fong Hua Ai e%entually $astere the new footwor0 so well that those that witnesse his agile $o%e$ents na$e hi$ >#host Shaow/> hiang Hua Long &ontinue to tea&h e%erything he 0now to Fong Hua Ai until his eath at the age of *=,/ Fong Hua Ai was now the Cn generation #ran$aster of Eight Step Preying Mantis/ He ha learne the entire syste$ of fighting whi&h in&lue in&rei le hans te&hni2ues long an short range te&hni2ues as well as pressure points an e%astating groun te&hni2ues/ 3ll that really &oul  e ae were throwing te&hni2ues an 9oint lo&0s/ This was 9ust where Fong Hua Ai &oul $a0e his &ontri utionB this is what he learne uring his &hilhoo training/ Fong Hua Ai went through allof his throwing te&hni2ues an e&ause of his eu&ation uner hiang Hua Long was a le to refinean perfe&t ea&h te&hni2ue until it was truly worthy of e&o$ing part of the syste$/ Fong Hua Ai was alreay fa$ous e&ause of his asso&iation with hiang Hua Long/ 3s hiang HuaLong's stuent Fong Hua Ai ha a lot to li%e up to/ Fa$e &an &ause a lot of 9ealousy an this in turnsee$s to always lea to foolish a&ts/ Many people ha &o$e to the &on&lusion that if they were a le to efeat Fong Hua Ai that they too woul e&o$e %ery fa$ous/ 3lthough this &oul %ery well e true it woul %ery li0ely e a ealy &han&e to ta0e/ So$e $en were willing to ta0e this &han&e/ Fong Hua Ai was ha%ing tea one ay in a lo&al teahouse when a fight ro0e out/ 8ne $an seeing this as an opportunity 0i&0e o%er the ta le were Fong Hua Ai sat/ 3s he 9u$pe out of the way the atta&0er 2ui&0ly sta e hi$ with a 0nife/ The group of $en at the teahouse i$$eiately saw that they $ight ha%e a &han&e to efeat this fa$ous $aster an gain instant fa$e/ They then &hase after Fong Hua Ai who fle not wishing to get in%ol%e in su&h a foolish situation/ unning out of the %illage Fong Hua Ai &a$e a&ross a s$all hut/ Seeing that this $an was aly hurt the owner of the house hi hi$ insie/ 3s the %illagers &aught up they e$ane to 0now if heha seen anyone run past/ The $an sai that he ha 9ust seen a $an go y an that he ha &ontinuerunning own the path an out of %iew/ Fong Hua Ai ha spent a few ays re&uperating when one $orning he went outsie to see the $an who ha helpe hi$ parti&ipating in so$e a&ti%ity with his son/ He as0e what it was that he was tea&hing his son/ The $an replie that he was tea&hing hi$ Kung Fu/ 3$use Fong Hua Long saithat his son was li0ely to e 0ille if he were to atte$pt to use su&h te&hni2ues/ <e&o$ing 2uite angry with this see$ingly ungrateful $an he e$ane to 0now who he was to e 2ualifie to $a0e su&h a state$ent/ Ha%ing no pi&tures uring this ay an age the $an ha no way to re&ogni6e his fa&eB ut upon hearing his na$e Fong Hua Ai the $an was &o$pletely u$foune/ Falling to his 0nees he egge that his attitue e forgi%en an that he please tea&h his son/ 7t see$s as though fate ha steppe in/ There &oul ha%e een no etter tea&her nor &oul there ha%e  een any etter pupil/ Fong Hua Ai's new pupil was 1ei Hsiao Tang/ This young oy woul spen his life stuying Eight Step Preying Mantis an was estine to e&o$e the +r generation #ran$aster/ 1ei Hsiao Tang pra&ti&e %ery har an was a %ery ei&ate stuent/ He $anage to
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