The Levitator

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   The Levitator By Sidharth Arya  Prologue “Leave it to me!” a white bearded bald man said, as he looked up the sky to die e was glaring at him By the look o the man, we, the #ivilians, were #ertain than our lives are doomed Past these two men we #ouldn$t see anything They #ould see it all %e were &ust seeing a darkness A darkness like never be ore 's this the end o mankind( )r is this a new beginning( All my li e ' have always wondered what the meaning o li e is %hat is death( 'sit a new beginning( )r is it &ust the end( 's soul really never ending as they say( )r is it &ust a segment whi#h is worthless( ' was startled to li e by a loudvoi#e“Let$s do this, *o#tor” his #ompanion sitting on a power ul #annon said And a huge giganti# nu#lear #annon was +red %hi#h #ould destroy #ities in an instant %hatever was +red through that #annon, had no sign a ter a split se#ond The two men went running into darkness %e were all or#ed into oblivion ot a bird made any sound Soon we heard a hoarse voi#e“There is no need to worry o harm will be done to you -ou will be wat#hed over And your lives will be the most valuable to me .or people who have lost their loved ones, ' have my greatest sympathies ' #ouldn$t save them, my #hildren -et they #annot be resurre#ted to their orms They will be resurre#ted by the laws o ature, as a new person They will be #leansed by inno#en#e %eep i you may, your tears will rea#h them And you my people, ' will look a ter all o you -ou will never have to worry again”' had no #lue what was going on Some people were relieved Some were #rying Some had eyes that were begging or mer#y ' was &ust standing there %hat must ' do( ' didn$t know what was happening sin#e a year in thisworld ot be#ause ' wasn$t present or anything The world$s largest S#ienti+# )rgani/ation, 'S0., was begging or military support without tellingthe nations the #ause 0ost o the people in 'S0. died a ew months ago Thelast two died today 1veryone le t in the world were people like me %ho had no idea about what was happening %e were taught by our gurus that there are ten powers in our world2 air, water, +re, earth, #old, &oy, sadness, radiations, sound and spirit, And they had their own #lassi+#ations The  Truth is ' was never a s#ienti+# person “' am 3od”%hat( Th
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