The Role of IVM in Oocyte of Endometriosis Patients | In Vitro Fertilisation | Reproduction

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presented by Ita Fauzia Hanoum on pit pogi 22 in solo
   The Role of IVM in Oocyte of Endometriosis Patients Ita Fauzia Hanoum Instalasi Kesehatan Reproduksi (IKR) RSUP DR Sardjito Djogdjakarta   Introduction ã Endometriosis is ascosiated with marked subfertility ã Various causes had been studied:-altered folliculogenesis -ovulatary disfunction -reduced preovulatory steroidogenesis of granulosa cells -sperm phagocytosis -impaired fertilization -embryo toxicity againts early embrionic development -defective implantation-alteration within the oocyte  Rerata motilitas sperma secara signifikan turun saat diinkubasi dengan cairan endometriosis. Endometriosis derajat 1 memberikan dampak negatif paling besar (Dewanto, 2004). Derajat 1 mengandung makrofag paling banyak ( Adiyono, 2003; Khan et al, 2004). Peritoneal Fluid of Endometriosis Patients and Sperm Motion  Pada model mencit, blastocyst rate dan hatching blastocyst rate lebih rendah saat diinkubasikan di dalam cairan endometriosis (Oktavianus, 2009) Peritoneal Fluid of Endometriosis Patients, Blastocyst Rate and Hatching Blastocyst rate
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