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1 3MEMBER NATIONAL ASSOCIATIONS IN PAN AMERICA (42 MEMBERS) -updated as of Oct. 31, 2001 Antigua & Barbuda Argentina Aruba Bahamas Barbados Belize Bermuda Bolivia Brazil Canada Cayman Islands Chile Colombia
1 3MEMBER NATIONAL ASSOCIATIONS IN PAN AMERICA (42 MEMBERS) -updated as of Oct. 31, 2001 Antigua & Barbuda Argentina Aruba Bahamas Barbados Belize Bermuda Bolivia Brazil Canada Cayman Islands Chile Colombia Costa Rica Cuba Dominica Dominican Republic Ecuador(mailing returned as of July 26, 2002) El Salvador Grenada(suspended as of Jan. 1, 2001) Guatemala Guyana Haiti Honduras Jamaica Mexico Netherlands Antilles Nicaragua Panama Paraguay Peru Puerto Rico St. Lucia St. Kitts & Nevis Surinam St. Vincent & the Grenadines Trinidad and Tobago Uruguay U.S.A British Virgin Islands Virgin Islands Venezuela THE WORLD TAEKWONDO FEDERATION 1 3ANTIGUA & BARBUDA (Dec. 17, 2002) ANTIGUA & BARBUDA TAEKWONDO FEDERATION Golden Grove, New Extension, Box 791, Antigua, West Indies Tel Fax President Mr. El Roy Gabriel S/G ARGENTINA CONFEDERATION ARGENTINA DE TAEKWONDO (April 6, 2002) Scalabrini Ortiz Piso: 6, Buenos Aires, CP 1414, Argentina Tel / Fax President Dr. Julio Ernesto Casanello S/G ARUBA ARUBA TAEKWONDO ASSOCIATION (January 28, 2003) Emmastraat 59, Oranjestad, Aruba (Dutch West Indies) Tel /823084/ (S/G) / (SG Mobile) Fax President Mr. Jose E. Cornelio S/G Mrs. Mary Hsing BAHAMAS BAHAMAS TAEKWONDO FEDERATION (Aug. 9, 2001) P.O.Box N10316, Nassau, Bahamas Tel Fax President Mr. Ted Williams S/G 1 3BARBADOS BARBADOS TAEKWONDO ASSOCIATION (January 16, 2002) DanWay, White Hall, St. Michael, Barbados, W.I Tel (President) / (S/G) Fax (President) / (S/G) President Mr. John Downes S/G Ms. Laura Kunar BELIZE BELIZE TAEKWONDO FEDERATION (May 9, 2001) P.O.Box 544, Belize City, Belize Tel / Fax President Mr. Owen Sonny Meighan S/G BERMUDA BERMUDA TAEKWONDO ASSOCIATION P.O.Box HM2467, Hamilton HMJX, Bermuda Tel Fax President Mr. Richard A. Smith S/G BOLIVIA FEDERACION BOLIVIANA DE TAEKWONDO Calle Canada Strongest 80, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia Tel / / (S/G) Fax / (S/G) President Mr. Alejandro Mansillas S/G Ms. Roxana Chavez Arias 1 3BRAZIL CONFEDERA O BRASILEIRA DE TAEKWONDO (Aug. 21, 2000) Palacios dos esportes, Rua Visconde de Inhauma, No 39 sala 601, Centro Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Cep , Brazil Tel / (President) Fax / (President) President Mr. Yong Min KIM S/G CANADA WTF TAEKWONDO ASSOCIATION OF CANADA (January 29, 2003) 1300 Carling Ave., Suite 208, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1Z 7L2 Tel Fax (S/G) Acting Mr. Joo Won Kang S/G Mr. David Silverman President CAYMAN ISLANDS CAYMAN ISLANDS TAEKWONDO FEDERATION (March 26, 2002) P. O. Box 11416, APO, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, B.W.I Tel /2348 Fax President Mr. Steven Graham S/G CHILE FEDERACION CHILENA DE TAEKWONDO (February 5, 2002) Renaca 16, 2 Piso, Oficina 5, Santiago, Chile Tel / 3031 / (President) Fax / President Mr. Mario Mandel Vaisman S/G 1 3COLOMBIA FEDERACION COLOMBIANA DE TAEKWONDO Calle 28 #25-18, Santafe de Bogota, Colombia Tel / Fax (5) President Mr. Hugo Alexander Rubio S/G Mr. Giovanny S. Gomez COSTA RICA FEDERACION COSTARRICENSE DE TAEKWONDO (Oct. 10, 2002) Diagonal al Banco Interfin, oficina de Multiasesoria ALFA 2002 P.O.Box , San Juan de Tibas, San Jose, Costa Rica Tel Fax President Mr. Pablo Alfaro Artavia S/G CUBA CUBA TAEKWONDO FEDERATION Calle 13, Esq, C#601, Vedado, La Habana, Cuba Tel /402921/ Fax / President Mr. Jose Alejandro PEREZ S/G Mr. Ramon ARIAS Perez DOMINICA DOMINICA TAEKWONDO FEDERATION (June 3, 2003) C/o Dominica Olympic Committee P.O.Box 138, Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica Tel / Fax / President Mr. Cedric Pemberton S/G Miss. Sharon Philogene 1 3DOMINICAN REPUBLIC FEDERACION DOMINICANA DE TAEKWONDO (Feb. 26, 2002) Calle Pedro Henriquez Urena No. 107 P.O.BOX 406, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Tel Fax / (Armando Rivas) President Dr. Leonardo Monsanto S/G Dr. Pablo E. Mora M. ECUADOR (Mailing Returned as of July 26, 2002) FEDERACION ECUATORIANA DE TAEKWONDO (Aug. 3, 1999) Sucre and Azuay, P.O.Box , Loja, Ecuador Tel Fax President Mr. Fausto R. Bernal S/G EL SALVADOR FEDERACION SALVADORENA DE TAEKWONDO (May 12, 2003) Antigua Villa Centroamericana Residencial San Pedro Ayutuxtepeque Apartado Postal No. 1706, San Salvador, El Salvador, C.A Tel Fax President Mr. Oscar Ricardo Pineda S/G Prof. Jose Sigfredo Soriano Rivera GRENADA(suspended as of Jan. 1,2001) GRENADA TAEKWONDO ASSOCIATION (15/1/1999 C mailing returned as of Jan. 24, 2000) St. Paul s St, George s, Grenada, W.I Tel Fax President Ms. Nekol Alexis S/G 1 3GUATEMALA FEDERACION NACIONAL TAEKWONDO DE GUATEMALA(May 29, 2003) 27 Calle y 12 Avenida Zona5.2do Nivel, Cuidad de los Deportes, Guatemala Tel / / (mobile) Fax President Mrs. Maria Borello S/G GUYANA THE GUYANA TAEKWONDO ASSOCIATION c/o Anral Shipping, 30 Broad and Lyng St, Charles Town, Guyana Tel / Fax President Mr. Ramjeet Ramphal S/G HAITI ASSOCIATION HAITIENNE DE TAEKWONDO c/o Comite Olympique de Haitien, Etage Triangle Shopping Centre, Delmas, #199, Haiti Tel Fax President Mr. Leo Cartright S/G HONDURAS FEDERACION NACIONAL DE TAEKWONDO DE HONDURAS c/o Comite Olimpico Hondure, Complejo Simon Azcona, Tegucigalpa, Honduras, C.A Tel / / (B.K.SONG) Fax President Mr. Marco Antonio Banegas S/G Mr. Jose Maria Gutierrez 1 3JAMAICA JAMAICA TAEKWONDO FEDERATION (May 14, 2002) 40 Dumbarton Avenue, Kingston 10, Jamaica Tel / / (Mu Ung YI) Fax President Mr. Christopher Chok S/G MEXICO FEDERACION MEXICANA DE TAEKWONDO (May 29, 2003) Av. R ªo Churubusco s/n puerta 9 Cd. Deportiva Magdalena Mixhuca, Mexico, D. F. Tel / Fax Tel/Fax ( ü7 6 3) ( 7è Á ù ó9 3ª4) President Mr.Roberto Beltran S/G Mr. Gabriel Rodriguez Cruz Rammonetti NETHERLANDS ANTILLES NETHERLANDS ANTILLES TAEKWONDO ASSOCIATION (Dec. 10, 1998) Incastraat 10, P.O.Box 3115, Netherlands Antilles (Curacao) Tel / Fax / President Mr. Ashwin W. Feliz S/G NICARAGUA FEDERACION NICARAGUENSE DE TAEKWONDO (July 25, 2001) c/o Comite Olimpico Nicaraguense, Apartado postal 4981, Managua, Nicaragua Tel / Fax / President Mr. Eddy Silva L. S/G Mr. Henry Mendoza 1 3PANAMA ASOCIACION PANAMENA DE TAEKWONDO (Oct. 25, 2002) P.O.Box El dorado, Panama, Republic of Panama Tel / Fax / President Dr. Varo David Barragan S/G PARAGUAY CONFEDERACION PARAGUAYA DE TAEKWONDO Suiza y Capitan Grau, Casilla de Correo No. 1361, CP-1209, Asuncion, Paraguay Tel Fax President Econ. Ruben Parquet S/G Mrs. Vilma de Escalante PERU FEDERACION DEPORTIVA PERUANA DE TAEKWONDO (May 9, 2003) Esstadio Nacional, Puerta 14, 2 Piso, Tribuna Norte, Lima, Peru Tel Fax President Mr. Ki Hyung LEE S/G Mr. Gian Carlo Weiss PUERTO RICO FEDERACION DE TAEKWONDO DE PUERTO RICO (Oct. 8, 2002) Calle Marginal #3, Ofio 2-B, xurub. San Agustin, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico Tel / Fax President Mr. Jose Colon S/G 1 3ST. KITTS & NEVIS ST. KITTS AND NEVIS TAEKWONDO FEDERATION c/o St. Kitts and Nevis Olympic Committee, P. O. Box 953, Church Street, Basseterre, St. Kitts, West Indies Tel /2241 Fax / President Mr. Lincoln David S/G Diana Woodley ST. LUCIA ST. LUCIA TAEKWONDO FEDERATION (May 22, 2003) P.O. Box 2007, Gros Islet, St. Lucia Tel Fax President Mr. Lincoln David-Pelle S/G Ms. Jessica Florent ST. VINCENT & THE GRENADINES St. VINCENT & THE GRENADINES TAEKWONDO ASSOCIATION (July 9, 2001) Suite K 800, Cnr. Granby and Sharpe Street, St. Vincent and Grenadines Tel Fax President Mr. Brent Reson Black S/G Asha Clarke SURINAM SURINAME TAEKWONDO ASSOCIATIE(June 3, 2003) C/o. Bouwbedrijf REMAS N.V. Dramdrandersgracht 101 Paramaribo, Suriname, South America Tel / Fax / President Mr. Romeo Rolador S/G Kenneth Slijngard 1 3TRINIDAD & TOBAGO REPUBLIC OF TRINIDAD & TOBAGO TAEKWONDO ASSOCIATION B.P. Trinidad & Tobago, L.L.C. 5-5A, Queen s Park Savannah, Port of Spain, Trinidad, W.I Tel / (Cell) / (S/G) Fax (President) (S/G) President Major Lyle Alexander S/G Mrs. Sally Maharaj URUGUAY FEDERACION URUGUAYA DE TAEKWONDO (June 15, 2000) Casa de los Deportes, Canelones C C.P11100, Montevideo, Uruguay Tel /0974 Fax President Mr. Eduardo Labadie S/G USA U.S TAEKWONDO UNION (May 18, 2002) One Olympic Plaza, Suite 405, Colorado Springs, CO80909, USA Tel Fax (President) President Mr. Sang LEE S/G Mr. Soon Ho KIM VENEZUELA FEDERACION VENEZOLANA DE TAEKWONDO (Sept. 18, 1999) c/o Mr. Hong Ki KIM, 10455, SW 96 Street, Miami, FL33176, USA Tel / Fax President Mr. Hung Ki KIM S/G 1 3BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS TAEKWONDO FEDERATION (June 19, 2001) General Delivery Road Town, British Virgin Islands W.I. Tel / 3537(Home) Fax President Mr. Orlando Thomas S/G VIRGIN ISLANDS VIRGIN ISLANDS TAEKWONDO FEDERATION (April 2, 2002) PMB 688, 4093 Diamond Ruby, Suite 7, Christiansted, Virgin Islands Tel / Fax President Mr. Cuthbert Joseph S/G
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