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  Practical Info  Required Clothing Lightweights in warmer months, with extra woollens for walking and thecooler evenings. Medium- to heavyweights are advised in winter.Waterproofing is recommended throughout the year. Umbrellas are notrecommended because rain is very often accompanied by wind.  Electricity 220 volts AC, 50Hz. Plugs are two-pin.  Social Conventions Visitors will find Iceland is a classless society with a strong literarytradition. Handshaking is the normal form of greeting. An Icelander iscalled by his first name because his surname is made up of his father'sChristian name plus 'son' or 'daughter' (eg John, the son of Magnus,would be called John Magnusson, while John's sister, Mary, would beknown as Mary Magnusdóttir). People are addressed as Fru (Mrs) and Herra (Mr). Visitors will often be invited to homes, especially if onbusiness, and normal courtesies should be observed. Icelanders paycareful attention to their appearance and, as for most Westerncountries, casual wear is widely acceptable although unsuitable forsmart and social functions.  Phrases Beer = BjórClosed = LokadDanger = HættaDo you speak English? = Talardu ensku?  Iceland  Doctor = LæknirEight = ÁttaEighty = ÁttatíuEntrance = InngangurExit = ÚtgangurFifty = FimmtíuFive = FimmForty = FjörtíuFour = FjórirFriday = FöstudagurGoodbye = BlessHello = HallóHotel = HótelHow are you? = Hvernig hefurdu thad?How much does it cost? = Hvad kostar thetta?I'm very well = Ég hef thad ágættI don't understand = Ég skil ekkiI feel ill = Ég er lasinMenu = MatsedillMonday = MánudagurMy name is = Ég heiti Nine = NíuNinety = NítíuNo = NeiOne = EinnOne Hundred = Eitt hundrad  One Thousand = Eitt thúsundOpen = OpidPlease = Viltu gjöra svo velRestaurant = VeitingastadurSaturday = LaugardagurSeven = SjöSeventy = SjötíuSix = SexSixty = SextíuSunday = SunnudagurTen = TíuThank you = Takk (takk fyrir)Thirty = ThrjátíuThree = ThrírThursday = FimmtudagurToday = Í dagToilets = SalerniTomorrow = Á morgunTuesday = ThridjudagurTwenty = TuttuguTwo = TveirWednesday = MidvikudagurWhere is ? = Hvar er ?Wine = VínYes = Já   Language The official language is Icelandic; English and Danish are widely spoken. Eating  Regional Specialities ã Skyr   (a smooth and creamy kind of yoghurt). ã Hangikjot (smoked lamb). ã Harðfiskur (dried fish). ã  A delicacy not for the squeamish is hákarl  (putrefied shark), usually washed down witha shot of Brennivin. ã Pylsur   (hot dog) is every Icelanders'favourite fast food. Tipping Service charges are included in most billsand extra tips are not expected.  Drinking Age 20.  Food Drink Icelandic water is safe to drink and there isno need to buy bottled water. There are nospecific food or drink risks in the country. Shopping Opening Hours Mon-Fri 0900-1800; Sat from 1000-1500. Mostshops close on Sundays, and many shops alsoclose on Saturdays during the summer (Jun-Aug).Some supermarkets are open seven days a weekuntil 2300. Credit Cards American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard andVisa are widely accepted. Travellers Cheques Accepted, although mainly in key urban areas. Toavoid additional exchange rate charges, travellersare advised to take traveller's cheques in USDollars.  Exchange Rates AUD 1 = ISK 107.76EUR 1 = ISK 161.32GBP 1 = ISK 191.83USD 1 = ISK 121.40 Rates correct as of 10 Dec 2013 © 2013 Columbus Travel Media Ltd.All rights reserved. No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission.For information visit  Publishing world-class travel guides since 1982.
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