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Travel Guide - Slovenia
  Practical Info  Required Clothing Medium-weight clothing and heavy overcoats in winter; lightweightclothing and raincoats for the summer, particularly for the higher Alpinenorth.  Electricity 220 volts AC, 50Hz.  Social Conventions Shaking hands is the normal form of greeting. Usual European socialconventions apply and informal dress is widely acceptable. Smoking isprohibited on public transport, in cinemas, theatres, public offices andin waiting rooms.  Language Slovene, which is closely related to Croat and Czech. Most Slovenesspeak German, Hungarian or Italian, with English as a second language. EatingShopping  Slovenia   Regional Specialities Slovenian cheeses are not known for theirpungency, but there are quite a few tastyvarieties and are guaranteed to be farmproduced. There are many cheese makersacross the country, many open to visitors. A well known Slovene speciality is  potica , acircular loaf/cake with a wide variety of fillings, namely, nuts, honey, cream, raisinsand cinnamon.The best-known Slovene foods are thebreads made for special occasions, whichappear in the form of braided loaves orwreathes: the struklji   stuffed with sweetfillings, meat or vegetables. Seafood is a speciality in Primorska region. Goulash is popular in the Hungarianinfluenced eastern Prekmurje region. Tipping 10% is generally expected in restaurants,though not obligatory.  Drinking Age 18.  Food Drink Mains water is considered safe anddrinkable. However, bottled water isavailable and is advised for the first fewweeks of the stay. Milk is pasteurised anddairy products are safe for consumption.Local meat, poultry, seafood, fruit andvegetables are generally considered safe toeat. Opening Hours Mon-Fri 0800-1900, Sat 0800-1300. All shops, barlarge malls, are closed Saturday afternoon and allday Sunday. Credit Cards American Express, Diners, MasterCard and Visaare accepted at upmarket establishments;elsewhere cash is preferred. Credit cards can beused to get cash advances from banks. Travellers Cheques Widely accepted. To avoid additional exchangerate charges, travellers are advised to taketraveller's cheques in Euros, US Dollars or PoundsSterling.  Exchange Rates AUD 1 = EUR 0.71EUR 1 = EUR 1.00GBP 1 = EUR 1.19USD 1 = EUR 0.75 Rates correct as of 10 Dec 2013 © 2013 Columbus Travel Media Ltd.All rights reserved. No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission.For information visit  Publishing world-class travel guides since 1982.
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